Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A woman in a black veil

A woman in a black veil stands still she stares away to the limitless sky up the hill. She can’t find what she’s been searching. All that she found was all camouflaged visions dissolved with deceiving feelings she catches every one step she makes ahead – limping. It is as much as she has been hoping for a node of – even a fake – love from her long-just-like-forever waited man of her dream. Intoxicating confusion dares nothing for her, appears without any pain for she knows that none of those feelings she could gain.

A woman in a black veil walks, feels her anxiety yawning and thundering like the sound of quint-toms befitted with the marching squad in the land of tribulation. It creates spooky echoes all around it gets even spookier when she cries – almost screams – with deadly piteous wails comes out from her mouth. She’s likely to re-question her desires to the unseen Lord, re-demand her claims and re-assertion her wants as she will chase them to wherever the end is.

With smile that only she can make, faith that only she can keep and hope that only she can pursue, she remains alive most likely because she forces it. As to hope all things will finally revealed, even when it finally does, nothing left from her… not even her heart, the warmest side.


*Dedicated to Rara, my Black Kruznik sister [Thanks for the picture, sist... -Love-]

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