Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Because I Said So [2007]

Daphne Wilder is a mother whose love knows no bounds or boundaries. As a single parent, she has raised three fantastic girls--klutzy, adorable Milly, stable psychologist Maggie and sexy and irreverent Mae--to become the kind of women any mom would die to have. The only problem is they're about to strangle her. In order to prevent her youngest, Milly, from making the same romantic mistakes she did, Daphne decides to set her up with the perfect man. The one thing Daphne decides not to tell Milly, however, is that she placed an ad in the online personals to find him. If anyone knows exactly what her daughter does and doesn't need out of a long-term relationship (or clothes or her career), it's Daphne. Comic mayhem unfolds as the well-intended mom continues to do the wrong thing for the right reasons--all in the name of love for her beloved daughter. Is the man of Daphne's (er, um--Milly's) dreams the responsible architect Jason, or is he the free-spirited rocker Johnny? Daphne will continue to push, cajole, suggest and nudge her way into Milly's smallest of decisions until she rights the wrongs of her own life choices or drives her girl nuts. But once Johnny's own father, Joe, catches a buried spark within Daphne, things really start to heat up for the Wilder matriarch. Finally letting herself begin to fall, Daphne begins to wonder if she is just pushing her girls as a way of ignoring her own issues.


Hilarious! That's the first opinion came out from my mind after watched this movie. Mandy Moore is just such a sweet girl-next-door kinda like! The movie tells about a single parent named Daphne who has three beautiful daughters; Milly, Mae and Maggie. All the four girls are so blended each other. Milly is the first daughter who gets married, then Mae is the next. When it comes to Maggie, Daphne sees something wrong. Maggie's love-life is such a disaster. She never had a healthy relationship with men, having a gay boyfriend be her climax, till she promised to herself to be alone all by herself for the rest of her life: the last thing her mom wish to happen to her daughters... Because Daphne doesn't want her daughters end up like her; being alone.

Been terribly worried about the possibility that Maggie could end up being an ugly virgin old hag, Daphne arranges some meetings with some chosen guys she saw from the match-making founder on the internet. This is where all the funny and hilarious things happen. She found a perfect guy for Maggie, then they date... Meanwhile, in the same time Maggie's seeing someone else too. She's been unconsciously enjoy all the different sensations she gets from both guys she's been dating with. Until one day one of them caught her with her other date, and that's where all the chaos start, especially when Maggie finally realizes that it's her mother who - for this long time - has been the mastermind of matchmaking her to a guy through the matchmaking founder in the internet. Lots of funny scenes will be found here, and the ending is so sweet but predictable.

Well, what do you expect. I'm a happy-ending-movie-beyotch, lol


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