Friday, October 24, 2008

Games Online

Lumayan ngilangin bete dikantor kalo:

1. Lagi ngga ada kerjaan
2. YM lagi sepi
3. Lagi ngga ada gosip hot dikantor
4. Efes, Fesbuk sama Multiply lagi membosankan
5. Ngga ada cerita seru di dan bolanews
6. Bosen maenin Diner Dash, Feeding Frenzy, Pizza Frenzy sama Volley pantai
7. Nungguin download The Sims sama Harry Potter terbaru yang ngga kelar-kelar [seperti apa yang terjadi sama gue sekarang, hiks... tolonglah!]


Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sometimes people - stupidly - claim something that does not belong to them as their own. For example, this one pathetic shit is trying to take over one life that is not his. My deep condolence for his dead stinky rotten brain and soul. Screw you, asshole! The one life that you are trying to take is MINE!!!

MINE!!! MINE!!! and only belongs to ME!!!

F U !!!


Monday, October 20, 2008



Finally be able to see my Death on the stage again and "making love" with his guitar. Sampe nge-diving segala udah kaya martabak diangkat-angkat trus dibolak-balik [hihihihi....]. One word to describe him on the stage:
CHAOS!! And oh how I love seeing him like that


Friday, October 10, 2008

Breaking in.

I want to shut it up

I will torch the tradition

Put an end to it

I will make an eternal silence

To a loud superficial convention

To a strictly unbreakable set of mind

I want to get over it

I will cork my ears to deafness

And plug my eyes to blindness

Yet I will widely open my heart

I will unleash it to the maximum limit

Let them see what lies beneath it

I want to stop it

I will stand in the middle of the road

Put both hands aside me

So they won’t be able to move forward

Watch me taking my heart from inside my chest

It’s bleeding, red and tortured

I want to break it

Burry all wounds in the vault

Where no one can reach it any longer

I will mend their damaged thoughts

Establish a needful revolution

I will safe them from the doom

I won’t get any helped by me

I don’t need that

Coz yet

I’m already breaking in.