Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[Book] Labour of Love And Hate

Salam 'alaikum,

So, how's your fasting so far, peeps? So far so good, yes? Inshallah... :)

Well, I wanna share to you this amazing book in which I & Rinsdark were being interviewed. As my previous entry on December last year titled, "Official trailer for the book Labour of Love & Hate." / a.k.a LOLAH, I shared an info about the upcoming book project done by the siblings John Resborn & Lena Resborn from Sweden. The book itself tells about the underground scene in Southeast Asia, from the lifestyle, the music, the fashion till the mission behind the music. Aaand my band Gelap was one of the interviewees in that book. John & Lena interviewed me & Rinsdark [We both are the vocalists of Gelap] in around late March, 2009 [I was still single that time, 2 weeks to go before my marriage, hehehe].

And after 3 years running, finally the book is ready to be released! And holaa...! There I am inside the book! ^___^

This is me inside of the pages in this book

Me & Rinsdark with the book Labour of Love & Hate. Wohooo!
The shocking news is that, several copies of this book have been handed over to some of the rocking legends of underground scene across the world such as Max Cavalera [Sepultura], Randy Blythe [Lamb of God], Marilyn Manson, Dez Fafara [Devil Driver], Adam Dutkiewicz [Killswitch Engage] and other bands like Trivium, Slayer, Gojira, Machine Head etc. Aaaakkk!! I think I wanna faint out knowing that they actually have the book! *tari pisang*

Below are some pics about LOLAH articles in media around Sweden

Me inside their website

Me & Rinsdark in an article of one Sweden Magazine :)

The mag index

Another Sweden media promoting the LOLAH book

Left: Bang Ombat [@abuskull] & right is me :)

Purgatory [@purgatorymogsaw]

I really hope someday this book can be found in any bookstore in Jakarta. Right now, the book can only be found in one of my metalhead friends in Bandung named Zemo Cabalero. If you wanna buy it, just click the link & send him message. He also sell the t-shirt [yeaay!].

I'm proud. We're proud. After the booming video titled "Global Metal" [You can search the video in Youtube. The length of the video is quite long so it's divided into some parts of the video. One of the video is this.], now the underground scene from Southeast Asia is re-raised up to the surface once again by these two amazing siblings through their book :)

This harsh music & this scene has being my air since God knows when. I love metal & gothic music so much! Let's keep metal alive!


 New video of LOLAH from the Metaltown 2012

Max Cavalera of Sepultura [ex] & Soulfly [Now]

Dave from Machine Head

Dez Fafara from Devil Driver

Duplantier Brothers from Gojira

King of Slayer!!

Lamb of God !!

Marylin Manson!!

Matt from Trivium

Monday, July 23, 2012

[Daily Style] KISS me, arrgghh!!

This is Friday!
A FREEday!
[July 20, 2012 - Bakrie Tower, 35th Floor]

Pashmina: From Mecca | Accessories: Ambassador Outlets | KISS tees: Black ID | Blue maxi skirt: My mum's :) | Wedges: The Little Things She Needs

Aduuuh pusyiiing


Hayoo mau kemana kamoohh??!

Sebelum di iket pas Ramadhan, raaawwrr!!

[Daily Style] Before Ramadhan

Salam 'alaikum! Ramadhan Kareem! ^___^

Yeeaaay! Alhamdulillah, another year to enjoy Ramadhan with friends & family. I was excited to do fasting in the first day [I started fasting at July 21], I already did my saur and at 10 am, I suddenly felt an irritating stomach-ache. And yes, I got my period. First day of period on the first day of Ramadhan -_______-" Well, guess I have to consider this as a bonus from Allah anyway :P

On Friday, before going home, I and my girls were... well, kinda loosen our narcissism, hehehehe... We took pictures, most of them were stupid LOL. But I saved some of my pics to be edited. It's been forever since the last time I did a DI editing. Hopefully the editing-talent inside me isn't going anywhere :p

Anyway, happy fasting guuuys! Ramadhan Mubharak. Barakallahu Fiik. Hopefully you'll have an enjoyable Ramadhan this year & hopefully Allah still gives us this beautiful life another year ahead, another Ramadhan ahead ^___^


Nita [@luvnietta]

Ima [@imee_01]


Monica [@monichirota]