Friday, November 24, 2006

Turning Point

Giving up…

Let it go…

Let it flow…

Got to slow down

Enjoy every step

Every breath that I catch

The time when you pull out the brake

It’s the time when you wanna turn around

And go…

I know…

But now I understand

And accept it, I can

With a wide smile ‘till the end

I’ve reach my turning point.

- Goddess -

Jazz Goes To Campus

Day/Date: Sunday/November 19, 2006

Location: Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia

Hour: 11 am – 12 am

Cozy Stage

- FEUI Band

- Third Champion

- Tripp!

- Vivo Feat. Vonny Sumlang

- Balawan Feat. Adi Dharmawan & Dion Subiakto

- Anugrah Aditya

- Bazzattazk

- Parkdrive

- Bertha & Friends

- Syaharani & The QueenFire Works

Jazzy Stage

- Second Champion

- First Champion

- Zefa & Uncles

- KuLKuL

- Idang Rasyidi Quintet & His Choir

- Tompi

- Donny Suhendra Project

- Ireng Maulana & JakJazz Stars

- Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio

- Benny Likumahua Jazz Connection

- Rieka Roslan

- Ruth Sahanaya

The whole event was GREAT!! It was sooo crowd.. I couldn’t even walk easily. Something that made me cry hard is that I had lost BALAWAN & TOMPI to watch!!! Fuckin damn it!! I arrived there at 5 pm, thinking that those two great bands would show up after noon, but I was wrong. Their performance was at 2 pm, performing on a different stage in the same time! (I’m sure many people were very confused whether they wanted to watch Balawan / Tompi, hehehe) and my friend – had arrived there since 12 pm – said that Tompi’s performance was better than Balawan...Uurrgghh…the hell, I still couldn’t watch them *sob*

As I arrived, Parkdrive was on stage… Watched them for a while, but then I started to thirst. So we (Me, Fitsa & Yoa) went to Bazaar to have cup of tea (Coffee for me, of course :p), met some friends, a little chat and laugh… Then suddenly a handsome guy came through me & said hello (latter I knew him as my ex crushed-guy, I didn’t recognize him at former coz I didn’t wear my glasses, hehehe)

After we pray on Magrib time, confusedness attacked us, “Okay friends... Which performance we’ll be watched? Bertha or Luluk? I like both actually…” Fitsa said. I directly said that I wanted to watch Bertha (She’s my dream vocal-teacher... Hiks, adore her voice so much!!). So then, we agreed to watch Bertha.

She brought her three-year-old daughter on stage. Oh God she was so adorable!! That little angel sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” with her two older sisters & Bertha herself. The audience couldn’t help not to adore that lovely little girl, every time she sang, people would just said, “Uuuhhh... so cute” or “Ooohhh…” we’re so entertained by her :))

Syaharani did an awesome job! She looked so sexy that nite (so did her voice ;p) She brought up up to 7 songs if I’m not mistaken… Because I didn’t watch her full performance. I – hurriedly – went to Jazzy Stage to watch Rieka Roslan (Of course! Who wanted to miss her performance??)

About Rieka’s performance that nite? No other words better than AMAZING… She looked so fresh, left her long-straight hair swinging – went along her body when she danced. She was so energetic (even when she had to bring about 8-9 up-beated songs). The quiet audience suddenly became wilder; dancing, singing along with her and applauding her.

The final performance at 11 pm was the Diva: Ruth Sahanaya. Dressed up sooo sexy (with a sexy tank top and a casual jeans), she greeted the audience that had been waiting for her all day. Her coolest performance was in the song “You’ve got a friend”. All people there sang along with her, all best friends held their arms together & sang it reverently (Uuhh... Sita, wish u were there Sis *sob*). And that’s all... Her performance was the last performance on Jazz Goes To Campus. The last show was fireworks… It was beautiful… (Felt like in Japan watching Monabi J)

Tired, but entertained… We went back to Fitsa’s dormitory at 12 am. Well, this is my first time watching JGTC after more than 4 years I’ve been studying at UI (hahaha…poor me!). I think it’s worth it (Especially coz I could talk again and switched phone number with that charming guy I ever had a crush on, hehehe). This show isn’t as big as JakJazz or International Jazz Festival, but the point is the JGTC’s Committee (the Economic students) has done their best to make this big show works and keeps this show continue to be an annual show. Two thumbs up for them J

- Goddess -

Monday, November 20, 2006

Silent Tears...

Nov 15, 06,
1 pm

Dan keluarlah si kristal bening ini...
Aku lemah..Kenapa?

Mungkin kemarin-kemarin hanya di mulut aku mengucap syukur...
Baru sekarang aku mengerti...Kau telah mengurangi umurku di hari ini...
Ini indah..Tapi menyiksa...

Semoga indah ini yang tetap merona...

- Goddess -

I'm 22 now and still...Life's a bitch!!

Trying to settle all things right
Trying to put all minds back
Struggling to find my way home
Somewhere place I really belong

Three hours from now
And I have to carry out the responsibility of a 22-year-old-girl
While I think I'm still 17
With a 10-year-old-girl brain
And a 5-year-old-girl behaviour

My home...Somewhere
Haven't found it yet..
And I think I'm lost right now..
Can someone show me the way?

Allah..can you?
Please, dude...I beg you
Show me the way..
Light the street up all the way

Give me a sign when I arrived at the cross-road
Tell me when I have to stop searching
And tell me when that home is already stand in front of me...
Or sneak behind me...
Or guarding me discreetly along my way...

"Happy Birthday to me... Time to wake up and see Life is cheesy, don't be sulky.. Make a wish be merry!!"

- Goddess -


Unwanted feeling has attacking me

Something I never wish to come

As my underlying soul always convinced me

To know what is right and what is wrong

And this is wrong

Like a thousand kinds of mind

Playing around and aching my heart

Confusing thoughts that settled

Melting self that frozen

I’m out of my mind

I can’t differ colors

I can’t figure out things

I can’t sleep well

All I can do is just yearning

For something…

- Goddess -

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No F**kin Name

Lay down in bed...Exhausted
Entertained by the super sexy voice of Lenny Kravitz
And my imagination gone wild ...

"All of my life...Where have you been
I wonder if I...Never see you again"

*Drown in the unknown addicting-dreamland*

- Goddess -

Wish I Could Fly...

"Jangan terbang tinggi-tinggi...Nanti kalau jatuh sakit rasanya"

"Tapi kalau nggak terbang tinggi nggak bisa lihat pemandangan indah..."

*That quote is rewinding in my head*

(From the movie: Andai Ia Tahu)

- Goddess -

Monday, November 06, 2006


Manusia itu cepat berubah ya...

Hari Senin terlihat menyenangkan

Hari Selasa bisa jadi orang yang sangat menyebalkan

Manusia itu nggak konsisten

Dulu teriak-teriak anti-kemapanan

Sekarang rusuh minta makan

Manusia itu nggak bisa nyusun prioritas

Kemarin bilang kuliah yang utama

Setelah kerja udah ga peduli lagi sama pendidikannya

Manusia itu suka dusta

Mampu ngasih saran luar biasa bijak untuk sahabatnya

Tapi nggak tahu gimana cara nyelesain masalahnya sendiri

Manusia itu nggak tahu terima kasih

Waktu susah ia mencari-cari orang tuanya

Belum tentu udah senang masih suka nanyain kabar mereka

Manusia itu bermuka dua

Di depan suka memuji-muji temannya

Di belakang dengan puasnya ia mengejek dan menertawakannya

Manusia itu tidak setia

Dulu berikrar bahwa hanya ia yang dia cinta

Sekarang berucap tentang indahnya mendua

Manusia itu sebenarnya jelek

Menerima berjuta-juta pujian dari orang

Namun enggan memberi bahkan sedikit untuk si duava

Manusia itu belum tentu bertuhan

Membangga-banggakan dirinya berTuhan

Namun sampai mati ia meng-agungkan cinta



- Goddess -

Friday, November 03, 2006


Sometimes what you get isn't as what u expected. And i'm sad becoz of that... :((