Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I aM Me!

I’m a daRK LadY, a goTHeSs..

I LoVe BlacK, BuT I LiKe To ShiNe eiTHeR

I LoVe SiNgiNg, aNd I SiNg aLL SoNg I LoVe

I’m a SoLoiST & a gRouPiST, aNd a BaNd VoCaLiST EiTHeR

I LoVe daNCiNg BuT I’M NoT a CLuBBeR

I LikE To RocK! BuT I CaN Be MeLLow SoMeTiMeS..

I’m a FeMiNiST, BuT I LiKe To do BoY StuFFs

I LoVe doLL, BuT I LoVe SkuLL EiTHeR

I LoVe CaT, I LoVe BaT Too..

I’m aLoNeR, BuT I couLdN’T LiVe wiTHouT FrieNdS

I’m FrieNdLy, BuT aRogaNT..

I aM a SeNSiTiVe PeRSoN wiTH a RocK HeaRT

I’m eiTHeR aN aNgeL aNd a deViL..

I’m a SecRET KeePeR BuT ouTSpoKeN

I aM SeLFiSH, BuT FoRgiVeR

I’m a MoViE & TV FreaKS BuT I HaTe iNFoTaiNMeNT, SiNeTRoN, MiDNiTe JuNK-CoMedY ShoW aNd aLL TraSH wHicH NoW BeCoMe aN iNdoNeSiaN Media’S ChaRaCTeR..

aNd oF CouRSe I DISAGREE wiTH “RU APP”, LiKe ThoSe BucH oF idioT THaT SiT iN THe H.O.R doN’T HaVe aNoTHeR CRuCiaL NaTioNaL ProBLeMs To SoLVe..gRowN uP MoRoNs!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

SToRy aBouT a SKiRT

When i went to Bandung i bought a black skirt. i'm deadly fallen with thic beautiful gothic skirt. and of course it was not expensive. So one day (saturaday nite) i met my boyfriends, he picked me at campus. he drove a car. We went to his house, according to the plan,we will watch "Closer" (natalie portman), but unfortunately he got a guest coming to his house. So, the plan was delayed. We just chat & joke each other till evening. After we pray, we went home..but now, hee took me home by a motorcycle!! :D his mom had shout that he didn't suppose to drive me with it coz i'm wearing skirt (and for God sake i haven't wear a skirt again for more that 2 years!!) & it looked like the rain's gonna fall. But he - with goddamn hi-self confidence - said that it all wouldn't happen & everything's gonna be okay. now i'm pretty sure that every mother's words is a pray. First bad thing we got is about a kilometer from his house, close to the traffic light, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET (Hahaha..yeah, i'm getting hiperbolic now) my skirt STUCKED in the motor's wheel!! My God..i was sreaming so loud and i didn't realize that the traffic light turned to red and suddenly all people surround us were staring at me. With a don't-understand-look..wanna-know-look...annoyed-look..feel-sorry-look..i don't know,and i don't care! What i really care that time was he stop the motor right away & pull out my fuckin skirt that was stuked in the wheel..

So that..was the FIRST one. The second?? Okay..i'll continue the story
He pull the motor to the zebra cross to check my & my skirt condition. My skirt was torn, but not that still can be fixed. My condition? Hm...i were shaking, my knee were shaking, my heart was beating fastly, dizzy, spinning..i don't know. i was thinking for the worst, that if he didn't stop the motorcycle immediately, i could have fallen, we both could have fallen..and there can be an accident or anything bad happened. i was thanked Allah for this..
And then when he checked all condition & tried to calm me down..suddenly THE RAIN FELL !! Okay..i thought i can't cry or mad anymore coz all these had full up my head. So i'm just me, at him, at my destiny (haha..hiperbolic again :D). He suggested to go back to his house to change my cloth & to take a car. His Mom & sister was laughing at us hardly, until his mom looked at my skirt.."oh My God, what happen to the skirt? oh i'm so sorry dewi, i thought you were just get wet coz of the rain,i wouldn't laughing at you if i knew that you got an accident". Yeah rite..if you're not my boyfriend's mom,maybe i'd be mad at you :p

His father gave me a black cargo pants to wore, while my skirt was fixed by his mom. Hey..and you know what? He gave me another black skirt!!! So i got two gothic-black skirt now,hohoho..I got 2 present, but he's the birthday boy..and i haven't give himany present. One reason is becoz this freakin accident. Hmm..sometimes an accident brings you a luckiness.. :D

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

NeeD aN aiR To BReaTH

when i fall away into the darkness
whispering for a help
needing someone to hold this hand

when i start to loose the air
that is when i start to look in to your eyes
start to understand that look

when i look around
when nobody is catched by my eyes
i start to screaming

my voice is gone..
my heart is limping..
my soul is dying..

Then u came..
Lighted me
Aired me
came to me
held my hand

since then..
i start to realize
that i'm not alone..

Monday, April 17, 2006

HaVe FuN go Mad..!!

My old friend-Rika-was having her b'day about 3 weeks ago. We went to Pizza Hut & La and EAT!! was a crazy moment where every single second wasn't left for joking each other. we ate at Pizza Hut KGM 3, oh and i recommend you to not eat there if you're not a patient person. our order was served at least 45 MINUTES after we ordered. So damn jaded the waitress were..

After we were satisfied by the most delicious pizza we've ever eat, we went to La Piazza..Eat more??Nope!!we're just hang out, relaxing our body in a, laughing even more (like bunch of idiot later i think :D), staring at people come and go and of course..TOOK PICTURES!!Lots of pictures,hahaha...

and then the dawn was coming..time for pray!!So we went to a masjid (for private reason i don't wanna call masjid in an english word "mosque",sorry..) for praying.after pray, we thought we had had enough it's time for GO MAD!!we went to NAF Karaoke Club. Dare to hear our voice??i suggest first thing to do before hear us sing is that headache & stomachache medicines were already prepared,hehehe..

Happy b'day my bestfriend Rika.. ^-^

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

uNdeR THe LigHT oF PaRiS VaN JaVa

From saturday to yesterday i went on vacation to the heaven of shoppaholic..Bandung. i went there with my luvly family..well, almost a year i haven't gone to when my foot got the first step in that land..i just muttering, "how could Bandung be this hot?", i know this city is known becoz of the cool air there..but yesterday, everything aren't the same as it were. kinda sad becoz of it :(
Well,back to the story..we rent a comfortable inn near Gasibu fo 2 nite. The inn was surrounded by grass field, full of big trees everywhere, so not that hot there. but as i walk out the inn, the light of the sun quickly attack me. But in the night the air suddenly getting cold, the rain fell with was beautiful.. ^-^
Any place i went??Many..i go to Bandung Trade Centre, Gedung Sate, Dago, Dipati Unus, Pasar Baru..many places. You know, as i am a lady, what can i say...i just SHOP..SHOP..and SHOP..till i dropped,hehehe... :D
Something missing is that we couldn't go to Lembang coz the time wasn't enough for us to went there. We're really get in hurry (you know..what a 3 days 2 nights in bandung could offer us??)
Anyway, despite that..i got lots of fun there (especially coz my beautiful niece took another big step for her cleverness, she can sing one-full song now!!)
Long weekend now gone..back to routines.Hell yeah, i'm deadly bored!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006


i've watched the movie "V For Vendetta" on thursday coclusion?it's sooo COOL!!Two thumbs way up! i dunno,suddenly i fell in love with the character "V" in this movie. He's so brave, smart and DARK (which i love the most ^-^)
Haven't seen it yet? you have so much to lose. u'd better watch it ;p

ReSeNSi: - Siapa bilang kalau film action tidak bisa mengajak penontonnya untuk berpikir? Kalau Anda ingin melihat aksi "dar-der-dor" yang juga kental dengan nuansa filosofis di balik ceritanya, cobalah simak film yang diangkat dari komik tahun 80-an karya Alan Moore dan David Lloyd ini.

"V for Vendetta" yang berdurasi 2 jam lebih, akan membawa Anda berpikir lebih dalam tentang arti sebuah kemerdekaan berbangsa dan bernegara. Tapi jangan keburu menyimpulkan bahwa film ini akan membuat kening berkerut. Kepiawaian sutradara James McTeigue dan penulis naskah Wachowski Brothers (yang berkolaborasi dalam "Matrix Trilogy") akan membuat Anda semakin penasaran mengikuti setiap plot ceritanya.

Kisahnya diawali oleh insiden "Konspirasi Bubuk Mesiu" yang dipelopori oleh Guy Fawkes pada tanggal 5 November 1605. Pada saat itu, Fawkes yang kecewa pada pemerintah Inggris berniat untuk meledakkan gedung parlemen. Namun, upayanya itu gagal total.

Cerita langsung melompat ke masa depan, dimana Inggris saat itu diperintah seorang kanselir "fasis" bernama Adam Sutler (John Hurt). Ia berkuasa setelah situasi kenegaraan di Inggris kacau balau akibat serangan senjata biologis. Dengan politik tangan besinya, kanselir Sutler membunuhi setiap orang yang dianggap "musuh" negara karena menyimpang dari pandangan politiknya. Evey (Natalie Portman) turut menjadi korban dari insiden berdarah itu. Kedua orang tuanya tewas mengenaskan sebagai sasaran pemusnahan massal oleh pemerintah.

Meski dendam, Evey yang seorang profesional muda, tak bisa berbuat apapun dan memilih pasrah pada keputusan penguasa. Ia pun diperlakukan secara keji oleh negara. Hingga suatu ketika, datanglah orang berjubah hitam yang bersenjatakan pisau dan mengenakan topeng (Hugo Weaving). Pria berinisial V itu menyelamatkan nyawa Evey dari kebakaran hebat di pengadilan kriminal London, Old Baley.

V yang tampil sebagai pembela kaum tertindas, melakukan serangkaian aksi perlawanan kepada penguasa yang dianggapnya sudah melakukan penganiayaan terhadap rakyat. Kanselir Sutler pun tak tinggal diam. Ia mengerahkan seluruh personil keamanan untuk memburu V dan Evey. Seorang petugas kepolisian bernama Finch (Stephen Rea) dan rekannya, Dominic (Rupert Graves) bahu-membahu dalam membongkar identitas V dan menyingkap tabir rahasia negara yang selama ini disembunyikan dari publik.

Perlahan tapi pasti, Evey mulai mengetahui latar belakang V yang misterius. Tapi Evey juga menemukan kebenaran tentang dirinya sendiri. Mereka akhirnya bersekutu untuk membawa kebebasan dan keadilan di tengah masyarakat yang diselimuti oleh kekejaman dan korupsi. Akibatnya, aksi pemberontakan merebak di seantero negeri, seiring janji V untuk meledakkan gedung parlemen Inggris, meneruskan cita-cita Guy Fawkes yang sempat kandas.

Dengan alur penceritaan yang memikat, serta didukung efek visual yang tak kalah canggih, Anda akan terbawa pada sebuah cerita aksi laga yang berbobot serta mengundang pemikiran kritis. Seperti apa yang membedakan tindakan "revolusi" dan "terorisme", sebagaimana perlawananan antara konsepsi "demokrasi", "fasisme", serta "anarkisme". Film ini seakan menjadi refleksi dari pergulatan politik internasional yang kini sedang memanas di seluruh dunia.