Monday, April 30, 2012

Hammersonic Fest 2012

Salam 'alaikum! ^^

Last weekend was quite tiring yet amazing! I had a fun blasting Saturday nite with all metalheads across the cities to watch the biggest metal gig in Southeast Asia named Hammersonic. Many amazing bands performed here. I personally really wanted to watch KOIL (But I missed it T__T), Psycroptic, Burgerkill & Suffocation. Knowing that they were gonna perform in the evening, I arrived there precisely after the Azhan Maghrib reverberated.

Met lotsa mates out there; said hi & took pictures. I was quite satisfied with the gig and hopefully this will be an annual gig that could compete with another big event like JavaRockingLand & RockVolution :)

Wassalam & enjoy the pics ;)

With Ira @ratourniquet

With Renny @rennyrengganis

Nge-gigs tetep ye. Laper :D [my hubby Die @dieforlust]

Me [@lustfordeath], Renny, Rins [@rinsdark], Devita [@faranaya] & Syara [@Syaramogot]

BURGERKILL !! [@burgerkill666]

Us waiting for Psycroptic \m/

PSYCROPTIC!! [@psycroptic]

Aduh, Jason... *droolilng*

Psycroptic logo

They were awesome!

First trial: fail :D
Second trial: fail

third trial: still fail

fourth trial: NAH! :D

Circle pit area. HACEP!

NILE!! [@nilecatacombs]

Their music is so Arabic-influenced

Wira [@wirametalz], me & Die

Honestly I'm not so into Nile's music. Plus, they ar, well... norak -___-"

Bored watching Nile, let's takin sum pics :D

With my perfect metal partner ^^

SUFFOCATION!! Finally! [@suffocationband]

Suffocation fucking nailed it!

Too tired to carry on. On Suffocation's 8th song, I decided to lay back on the main gate. Fiuhh!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday feast. Let's sing!

This is a belated post actually. Last Thursday I & some of my friends at work went to Inul Vista, Pasar Festival. We were celebrating 3 birthdays of our colleagues altogether [Happy birthday Mba Eli, Putri & Pak Idan!]. Had some wild crazy karaoke session for 2 hours. It was, well... hacep!! lol.

I show you why... Enjoy ;)