Friday, May 10, 2013

[Trip] Deathlust goes to Tidung Island!

Salam 'alaikum happy people!

Wooh! It feels so good to be back & write in here again. Sorry for I have not posted anything again lately, even just for an Outfit / Hijab of The Day posts. I am now online-ly reading series of manga comics, LOL. Just reminiscing old fave comics I have read several years ago. Now I'm reading "Topeng Kaca", do you like that comic?

Anyway, with my new tanned skin (Strapped skin to be exact, because honestly the tanning went.. well, not that perfect) I wanna share a new experience with my lovely little Deathlust family. We went to Tidung Island, located in Kepulauan Seribu - north side of Jakarta. We went there using little passenger boat (we usually called it 'kapal fery') and it took around 2 - 2,5 hours to get there, depends on the weather & the wind. To get to Tidung Island by the passenger boat, you must arrive at Muara Angke port before 7am, because the boat departs at 7 am and usually there will be no other departure after that time. The boat can pick the passengers up to 100 + luggage. And during the trip, you will pass through several little islands too like Bidadari Island, Rambut Island, Untung Jawa Island, Pari Island & Lancang Island.

Waiting for the boat to come

Ckckck... Anak sape sih nih?

Taken from here

What was special is, this was the first time for my son Rayyan to go on vacation with a boat. If there is something I worried about, it'd be that he wouldn't enjoy the 2-hour long trip using the boat. He's a type of a person that gets bored so easily. Fortunately we woke him up at 4:30 am so when in the boat, he fell asleep again, and alhamdulillah he didn't feel any seasick at all (that's my boy!). We arrived at Tidung Island safe and sound at 10 am, then headed directly to our hostel near the port (only 5-minute walk). DO NOT expect any luxurious type of hotel / resort. If you're not a backpacker soul, don't cry like a baby there. People will die laughing at you.

Rayyan inside the boat

Muara Angke port

A boat to Tidung Island

Inside the boat (there's me in red jacket!) :D

It was a wrong decision to sit in the lowest floor of the boat because it was damn hot there

The example of the hostel there. Taken from here
The example of the hostel there. Taken from here

Because this was a trip that had been fully set by the travel guide (thank you, mas Abra!), so all we had to do was just follow all the instructions from them. Me & my family shared a little lodgement with another family (whose the father is a boss of my husband). There's only one bedroom with an air conditioner which I barely could enjoy its use (Because well... It couldn't defeat the real weather in Tidung; which is frikkin hot!), a bathroom, a living room with a TV set & a mineral water dispenser. The best we could get and we couldn't be more thankful for that!

Let's go back to Saturday, May 4th 2013 from 1 pm - night a.k.a First Day!

After putting down all luggage in the hostel, praying Dzuhur (and in my case, Ashar too because I did "Jama' Qhasar") & having lunch, we directly go to the port again and got inside a little dory to go to our first destination; Payung Island. Yes, folks... We wanted to go snorkeling!! Well, except me. I didn't do snorkeling. No, unless I want to see my baby boy jumped out from the boat to follow me. Besides, I can't swim. Yes I can't. Don't ask why, I'm not proud of that -____-"

Jembatan Cinta from afar

Perahu tetangga yg mau snorkeling juga

This lil girl cried out loud to her parents for wanting to go swimming too :D

Cieee yang kakinya kebentur karang :))

Pak Bambang & his 6-year-old son, Nouval

It's time to enjoy Allah's creation below the water!

I am her fans! She's still around 10 years old but has able to swim inside & hold her breath quite long. She's dope!

When hubby was doing snorkeling, his toes hit a coral and they started to bleed. Not severely bled though, but I strongly believed it hurt, because he kept squawking, "Sshhh, that hurts!", "Aww, aww.. Okay, not cool", hahaha... LOL. But he couldn't do snorkeling long because he got tired easily he hasn't swim for a long time. The thing I remember when he said, "Gara-gara ngerokok nih gue ngga bisa tahan nafas lama, jadi cepet capek. Tapi enakan ngerokok ah daripada snorkeling" and all people there laughed over his joke. Sheees, I felt like tapping his forehead for saying it :D

How about Rayyan? What did he do during the snorkeling activity others were doing? No worries, Rayyan had his own way to entertain himself :D He kept munching and munching snacks I brought him & threw the snack to the sea so the fishes could eat it. He enjoyed staring at the coral from the dory. Yeps, the water was sooo clean we could see the coral & the fishes clearly without having to jump down to the water. Subhanallah, Allah has the most creative 'hands' that no one could compete! If you have had been there you'd know what I mean :')

After we were satisfied with the snorkeling thing, we pulled over the dory to the Payung Island beach to relax a bit. Payung island is a little island near Tidung Island. The citizen there are not more that 50 people. So quiet, almost uninhabited. I wonder why there are people who want to live there? Why don't just move to Tidung Island which has bigger population? Nobody knows why. At 5pm we went back to our hostel to take a bath & to get ready to pray Maghrib. The one thing I like in this island is that I could hear adzan clearly, because Islam is the major religion among them. The residents there are so kind & friendly too.

I feel like a pufferfish when wearing this life jacket, LOL

Die at Payung Island

Deathlust fam at Payung Island. Ready to go back to Tidung Island

Playing tiime!

Chillin out

Rayyan's & Nouval's creation :D

My beach boy! :-*

The night came, it's time for barbeque! Thought I didn't come to the barbeque but I still could enjoy the grilled squid (which tasted damn good!). I couldn't come because I accompanied Rayyan who had fallen asleep in the living room (we decided to sleep in the living room, not in the bedroom because Rayyan never can sleep without the whispering sound of the TV, LOL).

The barbeque began

Second day! (May 5th, 2013)

Telat Bangun. Oke deh, gudbay sunrise!

Please do not follow this negative example of us. Being too exhausted could cause you to wake up with a dumb face & realize you're just a minute away from the Shuruq time. Hurriedly took wudhu & prayed Subuh. O Merciful Allah please forgive us... *smacks own face*

Knowing positively that we lost the change to take pictures of sunrise, we still went to the edge of the island (a.k.a Jembatan Cinta), having breakfast. Now we wanted to have a walk in the Jembatan Cinta that connects the Big Tidung Island to the Small Tidung Island. Since I brought Rayyan with me, automatically I knew I wouldn't be able to go screaming in Banana Boat. Rayyan is so bound to his mom, and I don't mind that. My son's happiness is above mine :-*

People say, you should jump from above the bridge first to find your true love. Errr, owwkaaayy

Don't you think it's a bit too young for him to want to find his true love & jump now? LOL

At 9 am we went back to the hostel & packed our bags, ready to go home. We gathered in the port precisely at 11 am. This is another thing you might wanna take a note if you're planning to go to this island. The boat from and to Jakarta / Tidung only departs everyday at 7 am, if you're late.. You're out. But a special case on Friday & Sunday, the boat departs twice; 7 am & 11 am. So we took the 11 am departure, but the boat departed at 11:30. The weather in Java Sea was quite windy that day, I felt a little bit dizzy though I wasn't seasick. Rayyan directly fell asleep when the boat departed. Thank God, so at least I could try to rest my eyes for a while. We arrived in Muara Angke at 02:15. Almost 3 hours huh? Yes, like what I wrote before, it depends on the weather, moreover if your boat heading to a direction that's colliding with the wind/wave direction... It's going to take longer than usual.

Alhamdulillah, though I had a bit concern about how my son would enjoy the trip... We had through it smoothly. I was once again surprised about how strong my son is. He basically enjoyed every trip we did, as long as it called "a vacation", hehehe...

What a tiring yet a very nice experience last weekend was. I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too! I'm off now, enjoy the pics I & my hubby took in Tidung Island. Oh, I do have one message for you, beach lovers, backpackers, mountain lovers, mountain hikers & travel-addicts... Please please pleeeeaaasee throw all of your trashes in the trash bin. If there are no bins, try to collect them all in one paper/plastic bag & throw them soon as you see any trash bin. I almost cried my tears out when seeing trashes everywhere along the beach-walk area. Seriously you guys, just DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE. It hurts my heart all the hearts that love clean environment for a better place to live.

Don't you too? :(