Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[ #IndonesiaTanpaJIL ] Report from #SilatnasITJ , Cikole Bandung

Salam 'alaikum all!

Sorry for the late report about #IndonesiaTanpaJIL

What's new?


Alhamdulillah, we've done our very first big event called "Silaturrahim #IndonesiaTanpaJIL" or #SilatnasITJ on November 10 - 11 2012 at Cikole Resort, Bandung. The event went amazingly well. For the complete report about it, I have chirpified my kultwit about #SilatnasITJ . You can click to this link to read the full complete report. But sorry, I typed them in Bahasa ;)

Happy reading the chirpstory twits & enjoy all the pics I put below. Too many? Yes, well.. what can I say... ITJ is HUGE, dude :D