Sunday, May 28, 2006


Finally..about 2 and a half hours ago..i quit from my's time for me to get's just for a while,for about three months (along my vacation).well,hmph..i fell weird's like i lost my second home i used to have.a place where i study, i sleep, i laugh with my dorm-mates, i spend most of my time there.But now i have to leave..sad *sobs* i went to my dorm with my parents,brother&my beautiful niece.then we packed all my stuffs: clothes, books, cosmetics, magazines, dolls, fan, iron..everything.I just left couples of my clothes&cosmetics till thursday (last day of my final test)..and a home-girl for the next 3 months

I just feel..weird.NO!i feel sad actually..very very sad.i used to live&take care of myself all by my own.i'm an independent not a home-girl kinda like.But..yeah, i have to think bout my dad.Poor him if he has to pay for my useless 3 months dorm-room, coz i'm definitely not gonna use it. It's oke though...on Sept i'll be back to be a an independent lady able to take care mysely by my own again :) i'll miss my dorm, i'll miss my crazy dorm-fellas, i'll miss the moment when i wake up & suddenly all my friends were surround me and yelled, "IWED BANGOOONNNN...UDAH JAM 10 TAOOO!!!!" :D

:( DAMN i sad...

Friday, May 19, 2006

i got "maag"!!!

Monday night..first day of the week..hactic day..and i got maag on that day!!Bad one!!it was so irritating.So that day i had only lunch..i didn't take breakfast coz it's not my habit to eat something heavy in da morning..then i went to depok.when i get there,suddenly i want to buy some snacks..i ate lot of them :D
i didn't eat anymore since in the nite i had class.that's when i started feeling roalercoaster in my tummy.But i tried to hold it&continuing study..
after class, me&my friends wanted to have dinner together.But the waiter just got me really pist!!i had to wait for my order for about 30minutes!!When i reordered,the waiter said that my order is freshed out!! tummy got worse!!But i just couldn't shout to the waiter so i ordered the other menu.
When i started eating,suddenly i felt my tummy movin upside was horrible!! i tried to coolin down myself,tried to hold my tears that already in the fag of my eyes..then i gave up. i cried..yeah baby,i cried in front of my friends..Hoho,the strong girl named "iwed" finally gave up with this problem. i couldn't stand, i swear God it was hurt me till death!!
My friends immediately took me to my dorms&brought me some medicine so i can take a rest till i get a better condition (thanx fella'..luve u all)
Fiuhh...i should be more proud&love my body since then.My healthiness is the most important of all. Thank God i still can eat everything i want, thank God i don't have to beg someone to feed i am a better "iwed"..a more-thankfulness-lady ^-^

Monday, May 15, 2006

BRaiN daMagE..

This week will be a never ending suffer...there are so much tasks & tests that i have to deal with. start with this day, at 12 i have to meet Dian to do our first task. and then in the noon i have a meeting with 5 friends to do our task.
Tomorrow..hmm,i have presentation that night..followed by another task that has to be submitted a week ahead.
on Wednesday, i have TWO tasks about STATISTIC that have to be submitted (Look!!How come we - a public relations - has to study stat??)
Thursday, i have 1 chapter to review.. ( as usual)
Friday...a test about cadet & judicative (aaarrrgghhh!!!)
Saturday&sunday..thank God they're two days off!!!
Monday again...FINAL TEST!!! Huhuhuhu...poor me :(

Monday, May 08, 2006

devils at this!!`

Tau iklan ini kan??Coba deh liat lebih jelas lg..ada yang aneh tak?Yep..di bagian belakang (sisi kiri dan sisi kanan) ada penampakan yg "tak diinginkan" berbaju putih dan berambut hitam panjang (yg pasti itu bukan gothess,bukan kunti,hihihi...)..spooky isn't it?Tapi malah saat gosip ini merebak dengan kencangnya,iklan pengantar saat pergantian acara SCTV ini malah udah jarang bgt diputer.Mungkin krn kru SCTVnya juga udah ga brani lg kali yeee...!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

aNoTHeR goTHiC STuFFs..(PaRT 3 MaYBe :D)

they're adorably cool..!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Monday, May 01, 2006

HeLP Me FiNd THeSe, PLeaSe..!! (BooTs ediTioN)

THoSe CooL goTHiC-BooTs..SeCoNd iS aCCePTeD. aNy iNFoRMaTioN aBouT SHoPs THaT SeLL THeSe iN iNdoNESia..TeLL Me,oK!! (wiTH PRiCe aLSo..), THaNKs..

HeLP Me FiNd THeSe, PLeaSe..!! (SkiRT ediTioN)

WaNT iT So BaD..SoMeoNe CaN HeLP Me FiNd iT??