Thursday, May 28, 2009

Final Champion taun ini ngga seru!!!

Sumpah, final Champion taun ini bener-bener NGGA SERU!!! Bukan karena gue mihak MU [like always], tapi karena emang dari awal pertandingan kedua kubu udah main ngga seru. Ngga seimbang banget.

MU main kaya pakai beban, tapi kadang-kadang juga keliatan kaya under-estimate Barca. Padahal Messi berbahaya banget pagi ini, sedangkan Scholes mandul, Ronaldo JADUL.. [Gue benci banget ma dia dari sejak pengkhianatannya ke Inggris di Piala Dunia. Dasar tukang diving cengeng! Borok MU luh, sama aja kaya Inzaghi di Milan] dan entah kenapa Back MU lagi seret mengkeret banget. Pokoknya ngga ada perlawanan berarti dari MU buat Barca.

Bener-bener bikin ngga semangat nontonnya, ngga kaya dua taun lalu waktu Liverpool dibikin nangis sama Milan saat final pembalasan dendam yang sangat manis itu.

Sudah sudah, final Champion taun ini emang ngga seru banget! Tunggu aja taun depan, MILAN will be the next Champion's winner.


[ 03:56 am ---- tidur dengan hati kecewa]

~ G ~

Thursday, May 21, 2009


From the bottom of my heart,

I pity you.



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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It’s dying. See that, man!

This morning I arrived at my office at 10 am!! I was stuck even from the housing. Me and my husband had been wondering what happened and guessing that must be because of the hard rain last night. And hell it was...

I and my husband went out from home at 7 when it all happened. We couldn't move forward, we were really stuck. Then after 30 minutes of waste, we turned around and went back home. I tried to call my brother to check his condition and he hadn't gone yet so he didn't know that the traffic outside our housing was incredibly awful [my home and my brother's are close]. We finally got information from one of our neighbors that there was small erosion near the housing! I was just like... WHAT THE FUCK?!

So, regarding to the housing mentioned before, let me introduce you with the high-dream of Kelapa Gading residency there. Near my house, once there were veggie-fields spread out in both sides of the road to Kelapa Gading Gate 2 and Gate 3. Then, last year our local government decided to reorganized [in my case it means swept off!!] the veggie fields into something more "content" and "city-look". So they decided to replace the fresh fields to one subsidized apartment and a new luxurious housing named "Grand Orchard". The construction itself has been running since early this year. I found it a bit anxious to know that my housing won't be the same anymore with the green veggie fields that were once bring us the freshness in the morning and the evening but then it has to be changed to something that will bring us more and more population. I can't stop wondering what do the local government searching for by constructing more and more housings and apartments in Kelapa Gading, though they know that our drainageges are getting worse each year... that's why we're beginning to suffer by flood every time the rainy season comes.

But anyway, they are still continuing the construction. Later, one day I looked to the area and what I saw made me really angry; they have higher the new housing land! It's their tactic to avoid flood attack. But hell-O... if the Grand Orcharders-to-be will be safe from the flood, then what about us, the older neighbors? Many people have the same thought like I do, we've been thinking scarily of how this land will becoming in the next five years ahead when all the apartments and residences here are ready to use.

Back to this morning, finally they harvest their own seeds [though we – forcibly – have to harvest it with them too]. The higher land they built got crushed by the hard rain last night and caused the small erosion. It blocked the road from the residence to Kelapa Gading, what happened next was a nightmare... the worst traffic ever this year, in a history of our residence. Yes, let's imagine, you were in your house about to go to work, you went out from your fence, you made one right turn from the block and bhoom! You got stuck there for almost an hour without making any progress. And yes, you were still in the same cool calm fresh residence, except that it was so bloody hell crowded by all vehicles and people going to work. Smokes are everywhere in the air above us. I felt like getting dizzy so I asked my husband to go back home and found other alternative roads.

Finally – after 10 minutes break at home – we got back to road and take the alternative farer road to my work. We took Cakung – Pulomas – Arion – Pramuka – Matraman – Manggarai – Kuningan road [O my God, that was f*cking far, man!]. And, after the hot blood and rush we arrived here! Here, my office... 10 am!! [3 hours, wow!!]

Dude, I'm recalling my husband's statement last night on our way home. He said that Jakarta will be FULL of vehicles [and this is literally] they will fill ALL roads in Jakarta and will make the WORST traffic along the history in 2014 [experts and wisdom thinkers said]. That's because car selling got increase every year yet government won't be able to widen the road again, can't tell is it about money or about the incapability to sweep off the residence coz of the increasing population growth every year. So the population growth = car & motorcycle buying ≠ road width. And not to forget the global warming issue we're facing now, sadly just small groups of people who are aware of how urgent and dangerous this issue is. The rest remain ignorance, though they know that the nature is dying.

So, still think that this world is okay?

~ G ~