Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lagi hamil minum kopi, amankah?!

December 24, 2007

Bolehkah Minum Kopi Selama Hamil?

Masalah :

Assalamualaikum wr wb

Dokter Zubairi Yth,

Saya adalah seorang penggemar kopi. Saya biasa minum kopi minimal lima cangkir sehari, di rumah, di kantor, dan sepulang kantor seringkali ke kafe. Masalahnya, saat ini saya mendapati diri saya positif hamil. Suami saya mengatakan agar saya menghentikan kebiasaan minum kopi tersebut selama hamil, karena dapat berpengaruh buruk ke bayi. Ketika datang ke dokter kandungan pun beliau menyarankan hal yang sama. Cuma rasanya berat sekali jika harus berhenti sama sekali minum kopi. Apakah orang hamil sama sekali tidak boleh minum kopi? Mungkin ada batas aman berapa kali maksimal saya bisa minum kopi sehari?

Rita, Jakarta

Jawaban :

Waalaikumussalam wr wb

Ibu Rita,

Sebelumnya saya ucapkan selamat atas kehamilan Anda. Minum kopi memang nikmat, dan banyak orang tidak bisa lepas dari kopi setiap harinya. Memang selama kehamilan, banyak hal yang perlu dicermati, salah satunya makanan/minuman yang dikonsumsi.

Penelitian-penelitian mengenai pengaruh kopi pada kehamilan saat ini masih memberikan hasil yang beragam, ada yang mengatakan efeknya buruk, sebagian mengatakan tidak ada pengaruhnya. Yang umumnya diteliti adalah efek kopi terhadap keguguran, kelahiran prematur, dan berat lahir bayi yang rendah.

Senyawa dalam kopi yang dianggap berpengaruh pada kehamilan adalah kafein. Namun perlu diingat, selain kopi, kafein juga terkandung dalam cokelat, teh, dan kola. Kafein juga sering dicampurkan dengan beberapa jenis obat, seperti obat flu, antinyeri, perangsang nafsu makan, dan lain-lain.

Hal yang banyak muncul dari penelitian mengenai pengaruh kopi pada kehamilan adalah efeknya terhadap keguguran dan berat janin meningkat sesuai dengan bertambahnya dosis kafein. Oleh karena itu, maka para ahli menganjurkan untuk menghentikan atau setidaknya mengurangi dosis kopi yang diminum.

Dosis kopi yang dianggap 'aman' adalah 300 mg kafein per hari. Satu cangkir kopi dianggap rata-rata mengandung 100 mg per hari. Namun, harus hati-hati dengan anggapan ini. Seringkali penggemar kopi menyukai kopi yang kental, sehingga jumlah kafeinnya per gelas akan lebih banyak. Selain itu, tergantung ukuran gelasnya, jika menggunakan mug tentu lebih banyak dari cangkir.

Harus diingat pula, bahwa minum kopi juga dapat menurunkan penyerapan terhadap sejumlah mineral yang penting dalam kehamilan, seperti kalsium dan besi.

Maka, untuk praktisnya, sebaiknya Anda hanya minum kopi secangkir sehari. Karena selain mungkin secangkir kopi yang Anda minum kandungan kafeinnya lebih dari 100 mg, Anda juga mungkin makan/minum sumber kafein lain selama hamil, misalnya cokelat. Kalau bisa, minum kopinya tidak usah setiap hari.

dr. Zubairi Djoerban

Sumber : Republika Online


Oh Kopi, ternyata kita tidak harus bercerai, kita hanya harus break sebentar. Sabar yang kopi hitam, 5 bulanan lagi kok....

~ G ~

Thursday, December 10, 2009


She smiles so wide. The happiness is at hands when she finally can reach it, or she thinks she can. The dream seems so lucid and real she barely can touch and feel. She refuses any reality check from every known person. Welcoming night is all she is, stepping one-two-three with jumping heartbeat and flies in her belly. It is an Eden in her own world back grounded by a heaven in her own universe she built in an unpainted painting vase. Then she stops to have a look, in a minute... And the other minute.

Her smile becomes wider. She will keep it.

She is on her dream.

Dream on.

~ G ~

Friday, December 04, 2009

The Bumils (cannot) wears Prada.

Damn. I'm suddenly wanting to wear my hi-heels again. It's been five months I haven't wear all of my hi-heels shoes. all of 'em are neatly stored inside my cubicle closet.

Still 5 months to go before you can wear them again, Wed...! Huhuhu...

*Aduuuh, tiba-tiba pengen cakwe... Jualan dimana deket2 kantor yah?

Photo: Me some years ago

Monday, November 23, 2009

It means you... two.

I am now standing at the most fragile foothold
At the end of the bitterness, whereas you ever once stood in here too
Like you've thousand-ly told me

See? You love to be in the midst of ambiguities
And hurt people around you as you have done for so many times
Hung their hopes upon your covered nothingness
And they would put their tongues out for watching you fall
Waiting as they would waste their times
Time which keeps ticking as it eats you
And it eats them
And you will all root

Again, I'm still standing here at the most fragile foothold
Thinking of what could have been
I hate this vagueness and I hate my nothingness
It's like the way I hate to hurt as they way I really wish to hate you

But on the second of my paradoxical thought
Would that make any difference?
While hating is the most ambiguous thing I ever felt
I am most likely to step back and ramp off
I will fill my nothingness to something
Something certain
Yes, something unlike you

I'm setting myself to avoid hatred
One thing you love to do most
And I'm avoiding it
Avoiding you

~ G ~

Friday, October 23, 2009

Very good topic, WRONG writer (The Jakarta Post article)

Porn is inside the mind, not in someone's breast when feeding her hungry baby in public place. The writer put a very good topic with a very superficial thought! Go brainstorm your mind and brain once more before writing.


Rrrhhh... GIRLS!

~ G ~


(This article is taken from The Jakarta Post, Tuesday October 20, 2009.)

Live porn aboard an economy train?

Tue, 10/20/2009 1:24 PM | City

One day last week I took the train, economy-class, from Sawah Besar in Central Jakarta to Depok in West Java. It was 11:30 a.m., the sun was beating down and it was hot, all the train passengers were sweating heavily in the airless carriage.

I was standing near two mothers sat with their babies aged about 12-18 months old, who were enjoying the breeze coming in through the carriage windows.

Twenty minutes went by, it was getting hotter, and one of the toddlers, looking tired, started crying. The wailing baby grasped her mother*s shirt and tugged, fussing and wriggling, throwing her body from right to left in her mother's arms. Maybe because of the hot weather, or due to hunger, or tiredness.

Standing around the mother were several male passengers. Endless minutes later, the howling baby was still struggling and grasping at her mother*s shirt. I watched the mother and child; the baby's anguish, the mother's anxiety and her countless efforts to console her baby, all to no avail. Passengers started to feel irritated by the wailing.

As the crying became even louder, the mother gave up and slowly opened her shirt a little and offered her breast to the baby. Within a half second, the baby stopped crying and looked content. That, then, was the reason she had been crying for more than 20 minutes. I couldn't ignore the temptation of watching them, so I continue to look, marveling at how the baby became so calm after getting what she wanted, and how the male passengers were enjoying looking at a woman with her breast showing. There were six men around her, and they were avidly watching the breast-feeding process.

As a woman, I felt embarrassed. Really. However, for me, this was not the first time, 10 years ago, when I used to take the train every day, I was always coming across similar situations to today's. How can a baby exploit their own mother*s privacy just to satisfy their hunger or thirst? Yes, I know, little babies have not learned yet how to be reasonable. They cry to get what they need. If, at the time, you had been in my position, I bet you wouldn*t have stopped looking at them either, just like the group of men, who all enjoyed free porn that hot day. You would not only have felt amused, but astonished, at the fact that little babies have such great power to control their mothers and get what they want.

After this baby had calmed down, the second baby, about the same age as the first, watching her little friend suckling her mother's breast, perhaps, felt envious. So this baby then began to wail, with the same volume as had the first. But this baby's mother was wearing Muslim attire, which meant according to Islamic law she ought not show any part of the body forbidden to be seen by the opposite sex (aurat) and it would have been very awkward for her if she had opened part of her clothing to feed her baby. Therefore, she did not, she ignored the baby*s tantrum, even when the baby began to pull at her mother*s shirt with all her strength. Fifteen minutes later, the baby was still screaming, but her mother still did not offer her her breast.

That baby must have been very puzzled, upset and then distraught at not getting what she wanted. Why could her little companion get her needs met so easily, and yet she just had to accept that her mother wouldn't fulfill her needs?

The train scene became an amazing drama, a live performance from the mothers and babies. The first mother gave in to her baby's demands, while the second mother decided not to show her breast in public.

What would I do if I had a baby forcing me to open my shirt in front of a hundred strangers on the train? Frankly speaking, I have no idea, but for mothers who have experienced this situation, they have only two choices: offer the breast and see their baby content, or refuse and ignore the baby*s tantrum.

Porn is one of the most popular issues in society, as every time porn appears on television, many people and organizations are ready to demonstrate, but do they even know what has been happening on the trains all these years?

I realize I haven't got concrete empirical research data yet on how many mothers have ever opened their blouses and revealed their breasts to men in order to fulfill their babies' needs. It would be funny, and controversial, if this was treated and legalized as normal - and not porn.

- Mayasari Oey

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Kriwil - 12 weeks.

I just got back from the hospital to check my pregnancy up. I went to RSCM and had my embryo checked. The obstetrician asked me this and that and also checked my health history from the beginning since I was a kid (got shocked for knowing that I don't have much illness history, yet two of my illnesses are the deadly illnesses, lol). What worries me is that those two illnesses will inherit to my Kriwil (my husband calls my baby-to-be as "Kriwil", just like his hair, lol), but the obstretician said that it would be better if I go check it to my Hepatology doctor. I guess I will meet him up next week.

After getting some standardized pregnancy check ups, I went to the USG room to have my embryo screened. And oh look at that! There was a head, cute little head, pairs of hands and feet. And Gawd I could see his/her so tiny fingers and the nose! Oh it was soo adorable! Until now I still can't believe that those things are now inside my embryo... It was like a miracle!

The age of my pregnancy now is 12 weeks, and my obstretician predicted that my baby will born around 27 - 28 of April, oh he/she will be a Taurean then. Mom has a poisoned snaps (Scorpion), Dad has an arch with goat-body and human-head (Sagitarian), Son/daughter will have horns, sharp ones (Taurean). Oh, we're going to make a killer family, aren't we? *grins*

Now, I often recalling myself to not to forget to always pray Surah Yusuf, Maryam, Ar-Rahman and Al-Insyirah for the sake of my miracle. Hopefully Allah will always give Kriwil a good healthiness and enough nutrient.

I'm so can't wait, huhuhu...

~ G ~

Friday, October 09, 2009

Arch Enemy Concert in Jakarta, Oct 28!!

The event called "We Keep Metal Alive" was done last Sunday. Finally Solucite judges have made their decision of which band will be the opening act for Arch Enemy concert here in Jakarta on October 28.

Besides Psycroptic, a technical death metal band from Hobart, Australia, Melody Maker is the lucky band from Indonesia who will be the opening act. After getting through a tough selection on the event "We Keep Metal Alive" with 15 selective bands, MM won the chance.

For the complete info, please go to SMA (Solucite Metal Army) website to know about the ticket price for AE's concert.

What surprises me is this; one of my friend from the media gives me trust to interview Arch Enemy face to face!!! It is my first challenge to interview a band, a metal band. Oh I am so can't wait to meet Angela Gossow, man! She RULES.. big time! And now I am preparing to make a draft of question-list for the content. I am now waiting for the delivery of their newest album called "The Root of All Evil". I have not listen to it yet, I hope it can help me in preparing questions for the interview. Du-uh, I start to feel nervous now... hohohoho... I hope everything will go well and I don't have to be a sudden stammer and muted person that day, lol

~ G ~

Solidary of Rock! - Charity Metal Event for Padang

Our country is being watched by Allah SWT once again. My lovely hometown has been crashed down by the marvelous earthquake last week. Bodies are still being searched and evacuated. Buildings and houses are still being renovated. Roads and bridges are being rebuilt. It's the psychologically of the people that matters. They got traumatized by the disaster, they lost their beloved ones, lost those they love. They are broken, inside and outside.

So what is about helping our own brothers and sisters there? Will we be loosing anything by doing that?

Sure not. Moreover, we will get many other positive things. As I believe in humanity tolerance and understanding would be two best factors to support peace and harmony in this world.

So, we - the metalheads family - would like to express our deep condolence for the victims in Padang, Pariaman and its surroundings by holding a charity gig at Carburator Springs, Jl. Veteran, Bintaro. The event will be held in Sunday, October 11 with many supporting bands will perform there (see the flyer above).

With the hope to give them support, mentally and materially, they can arise again with a new hope in the near future.

If you want to join us, you are pleased to come and join.


~ G ~


Colors are just bias
They will never be there forever.

Or are they?

*looking at the beauty of the rainVow*
~ G ~

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Perdus dans le rêve.

A glimmer burst in my eyes and drew vivid ray
When I laid back here and took breaths as they were all taken away
I tried to keep what I have with my remaining strength
Cause all I have had turned to something completely strange
My feet were walking in decent rhymes
My hands were swinging in solid blind
Stepping onto you, a stranger once were recognized
With glaring hazel eyes standing, waiting in disguise
Look at you, wistful-looking face…
I was simply thought I know you
Just by a second glimpse
I was thought you are true
My mind should now be hardened blackened as a rock
Should be enough of being deceived I could just do save skin and block
Hissing around as smell and silhouette came out
After for target that should be no one, should be none
But I kept walking onto you
Though somehow I knew you would never be true
I believed in false figure as I would never believe in anything else
I breathed in your air and dreamt in your sleep
When the light turned on, at forever last
You remained a mirage
I had my wake up
When were yours?

~ G ~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My life now.

I’m at Minangkabau International airport right now, waiting to board to go back to Jakarta. Starting days of routine as I usually waste my age to, as you all do as well... *sighs*

Been going to Bandung, Bali and Padang for the past year, I think this is the end of my fun adventure trip, at least for this year. My pregnancy is getting bigger and riskier now that it doesn’t allow me to have a far trip anymore. I should put my pregnancy as top priority now and no excuse for that. I haven’t seen my obstetrician again while my pregnancy is now passing the week 9. My nausea is still killing me (as usual) and I’m suffering a food disorder now. Not because I do diet (and I must not do that while being pregnant), but because suddenly I loathe all scents of food and dislike lots of food, which is not something I used to do. Being pregnant definitely ruins all my daily activities and routines. In Bali, I couldn’t do parasailing and bungee jumping while those two things are in my top to-do-list-in-life. In Padang I couldn’t enjoy having culinary hunting because of this sudden dislike-ness.

If I don’t keep reminding myself that this is all worth it, I would call this as a heavy disaster! I never can imagine how a pregnant woman feel during their pregnancy, even after hearing some of my mommy-friends’ stories about facing their pregnancy stages for more than 9 months. And now, being pregnant for two months has giving me so much things to learn and consider. The one hardest fact to face is this: that I am now officially bound. Neither a relationship nor a marriage could bind me from being me, literally... But a pregnancy could bind you in an absolute way. No escape, no compromise... I am now officially bound, everyone. This lil thing inside my embryo has succeeded in making me pulling over anything aside and put this thing in front all of ‘em.

And this is not my whining heart tale. At first, I thought I was gonna be so. But a miracle (let’s say so) happened, I never complain anything because of it. I am happy... hmm, nauseously happy actually (heheh..). I’m this close to officially announce about my life being perfect. I can wait, I will wait... 7 months ahead should be something not so hard for a hard-head like me (lol). Plus, everyone around me now loves me even more than before. My husband, parents, parents in law, brothers, sisters in law, friends (true ones as always), and cousins and even my lil niece and nephew.

I should learn from this new experience. I should take all good things behind, beyond and underneath it. Being bound is not always bad, because to be bound with someone / something you’re in love with – even when you haven’t seen her / him before – is not something bad at all. I’m falling love with this new thing inside me, though we never seen each other, but I know that – somehow – this baby-to-be loves me too. I wish...

And so the miracle is still going.

~ G ~

Saturday, Sept 26th

14:30 – Lounge

Minangkabau International Airport

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Morning sickness.

It is worth it, as I believe For a 9-month-long of this everlasting blurry faint As it is always paid off, they said This nauseous feeling draws and grows thousands of dreamy hopes It is back breaking, as I am recently experiencing When you feel like to swallow all things you loathe, surprisingly As it is so naturally normal, like they said When indolence is you and heaven is a layback It is different in every step, as what I read The jolting moments would bring wider smiles As all I keep in this fragile sphere-like organ Is what I would die to cover No matter what, no question why I know it already that I fly When fall can no longer describe the volume Of my love My affection You, little thing inside me Be nice :)

~ G ~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Double strips.

I never know how it feels to know at one second that a small long piece of paper could tell you the news of the world, until last night.

I was shaking... My hands were shaking... My eyes got teary and suddenly everything is not important but this thing, this small long piece of paper had stolen my world.

It tells everything, everything I wanna know, everything I would die to know. Everything I've been waiting for the sake of my marriage and for the sake of my life.

That for the first time...

This double strips had made me lose my breath and repeatedly say "Alhamdulillah"




I think I'm going to have a baby...

~ G ~

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm the last one standing.

I'm doing flashback in Myspace now. Opening people's Myspaces, from friends to foes, reading their comments and blogs. Until I got stuck in one interested (should admit that) entry, titled, "Kamu cantik, kenapa mengangkang?"

Hahahaha, really.. I'm shaking reading this one entry. Back then, I was shaking for the sake of anger and angst for knowing someone talking shit about me like she knows me the deepest (sorry my dear, maybe deep down inside, you really want to be someone that special in my life... keep dreaming on, perhaps one day you will... if we meet in hell.. perhaps).

But now I'm still shaking when reading this.. shaking for the sake of fun. lol... yeah, I'm reading a journal about me in an extremely negative way with laughter. Well, at least behind those pimped-out boobs, she got writing talents (khas pelipiran).

Please take a look at this photo, I'm sure you ever saw this one outside my own Myspace. Perhaps you ever saw this one in someone's blog.

Something you have to see beyond those eyes and smile...

Yeps, a picture of me that she uploaded in her insulting blog (thanks, my dear.. you know I love this pic the most). fyi, she copied the pic without my permission. As she is a journalist (as far as I know), copying someone's property without permission means a crime. And hmm, let me see... As far as I concern, a crime worth a punishment.

But well, on second thought I don't have to waste my precious time suing her... As I believe that she already realized her (lots of) mistakes, even if she denies them as hell.. She is receiving the payback, undirectly. Coz to pay someone back, you don't have to get your hand dirt, coz Karma does exist (right sist?).

"Thousand useless words don't mean a thing. Coz what matters is who will be the last one laughing here"

~ Iwed whom she said "Pelacur" in her blog. FYI, my name is Iwed, you bitch ~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Head piece of one of the suicide bombers.

The newest news I read from Please open this site.

Pleeease, why don't just throw this filthy head piece to the starving police dogs?! I really HATE them, the suicide bombers. I'm this close to meet Ryan Giggs, man.. THIS CLOSE!!! And they ruin it all... I condemn the bombers to their last heirs and heiresses. Allah would never receive superficial heart like them.

May your soul rest (not) in peace, bombers. Selamat bertemu dengan Imam Samudera CS....

Di neraka.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cerita Si Congor.

Cerita sang Congor


Sebenarnya si Congor adalah wanita yang sangat cantik. Sebenarnya si Congor adalah wanita yang sangat menarik. Namun dia ber Congor.


Mungkin kalau dia ditanya, hal apa yang paling dia kuasai, dia akan dengan gamblang menyatakan semua hal dari A-Z.. Apapun selain merujuk kepada Congor -nya. Namun tetap saja, dia akan menjelaskan semuanya dengan panjang lebar menggunakan Congor-nya. Segala sesuatu yang paling menonjol dari apa yang terlihat pada dirinya.


Lebih sering berdusta dari pada berkata apa adanya. Lebih sering melihat apa yang ingin dia lihat daripada menerima kenyataan yang tidak sesuai dengan nafsu perangnya, terutama dengan nafsu Congor-nya yang sudah sangat tidak sabar ingin menyebarkan fitnah pedas panas ke semua telinga yang sanggup menampung lahar Congor-nya.


Ingatlah, one day di alam baka, senjata utamamu itu akan di tutup se erat-eratnya. Bahkan kekuatan maha dasyat si Congor dalam menyebarkan sampah-sampah pelipiran ke segala jurusan pun tidak akan mampu dan daya untuk membuka sekat pengerat kedua batas bibir yang merah merekah itu. Ingatlah, bahwa walaupun telinga, mata, hati, tangan dan kakiku tidak berCongor di dunia, mereka akan berlomba berkata bersaksi atas senjata Congor yang kamu gunakan di ke fanaan.

Cukup saja si Congor membabi buta di dunia, nanti… tinggal akhirat yang menyudahi kelakarnya

Si Congor pun


Meregang nyawa.

~ G ~

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweet Nightmare.

My body was half solid

My breath was all toxic

This lying-under-surface beauty was forsaken

Appeared as if all were brusquely taken

I kept questioning myself

To the dark sky, to the blind wind

To the colorless rain with unbearable pain

To the smirking spy, with dreadful pale skin

Still, the answer was buried under my contra prediction

I could only make the unfinished conclusion

While she, standing on the breeze of the icy rooftop

Was coming closer, with pointing finger

The sound in my head was yelling some misspell words

Couldn’t help it was just make things get worse

My feet were as heavy as they were stuck

The remaining voice sounded afar

Had to go and leave

Must not see

I bended not to the creepy lady

But there... she was finally here

Beaming as it wanted to say that this is my end

Yet here… I was staring there

Hoping for a way out the same time with hoping there will be something happen

Would I wait for her to strake me first?

Or would I not?

Fear had taken me, it made me blacked out

And for the sake of my sacred dried tears, I opened my eyes

I saw red, I saw eyes and I saw blood in my grasp

I saw you, lying there with no life

As I finally came back to the earth, grasping for more air

To be able to slowly pervade really

I knew you…I knew you...

I knew you…

PS: Based on my sweet nightmare couple days ago.

Pic By: DeviantArt

~ G ~

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Agonist - Lullabies For The Dormant Mind [2009].

Lullabies for the Dormant Mind is the sophomore release from Century Media metalcore band The Agonist. It’s quite clear from their sound that they hail from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Okay, frankly I listen more of Hardcore than Metalcore, and I have no idea of noticeable Metalcore bands abroad. Till one day I was introduced to this band led by a woman. Lullabies for the Dormant Mind, the album called. It is released early this year and is the second album of this Canadian Metalcore band.

The vocalist, Miss Alyssa White-Gluz... hmm, okay she’s pretty, hot and she can sing. A rare combination we can find. Down to their music, well... I really can’t say whether those are good metalcore songs or not, but I think the songs themselves sound quite interesting and impressive. I rarely found a chick who can sing and growl, and both are done quite well. Referring to some album reviews I read in webs, I found this album has nothing new to offer. Based on some opinions, the previous album Once Only Imagine [2007] is even worse quality than this one. And really, I don’t know in what side they think this album is straightly average because for me this album is okay. Aside from reality that I’m quite impress to find such vocal type.

One of opinions that smashes this album the hardest is from this site that says,

“After Only Once Imagined I did not have very high hopes for this band. They were boring and unoriginal metalcore and had very one-dimensional vocals. The only appeal was that the singer was a chick and a hot one at that (still the only reason I think Lacuna Coil has fans). As you can imagine, a fiery personality such as Alyssa would want to avoid this, and make sure that people know she has chops. She made herself quite clear throughout Lullabies for the Dormant Mind, and brought more of an arsenal than last time. Many of the songs are more progressive death metal, and black metal sounding than the tired metalcore sound they had last time. This is not, however, to say that the approach they have taken has changed all that much. It is still quite clearly the same band.”

But well, your opinion might different or extremely the opposite one, depends on how you see or value Metalcore music. I’m on the grey area, I see this album is okay, I see the music quality is average, and I see the vocalist is quite promising. But if someone asked me whether I fancy this album or not, I would say that even Scabbia isn’t able to growl, but at least she can write lyrics that stab, something that Miss Gluz has failed to do it, here in this album.

~ G ~

Friday, July 03, 2009

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Been completely bored with routine, I definitely think that this movie is the best solution I could offer you for refreshing your stressing mind [besides Transformer, of course]. So last night, I and my husband were planning to watch Transformer in 21 Setiabudi after office hour [eversince Die has divided his heart to me with Megan Fox. Though yes, I admit that Megan Fox is the new Jolie’s promising competitor... sighs]. But apparently the ticket were sold out, so we decided to watch Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Hmmm... okay, this is not a joke and I’m not playing around with you. But I really suggest that you should bring enough water and maybe some mint candies to prevent your throat from being ache. Coz yes, that movie is completely mental! In the first five minutes I’ve had been laughing my ass off becoz of it. And that happened until the movie’s done! All appear in this movie is straightly a belly spinner... nuff said, I’m highly recommending you to watch this one.

For reading the synopsis, please click this site, and for the thriller, click this one.

Enjoy watching, be ready to get your ass kicked :D

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sacred moon.

Night turns indulging butterflies

Moon ups and goes diversifying colors

I lay here waiting

You walk there seizing

Thousand times have I seen it


it feels like seeing for the first time

Watching what God could create

And it remains me for nothing to doubt

So why are you still there?

Come here

Do me.



Saturday, June 13, 2009

Seven deadly sins

The seven deadly sins, also known as the capital vices or cardinal sins, are a classification of the most objectionable vices that have been used since early Christian times to educate and instruct followers concerning (immoral) fallen man's tendency to sin. They are: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

The Catholic Church divided sin into two principal categories: "venial", which are relatively minor, and could be forgiven through any sacramentals or sacraments of the church, and the more severe "capital" or mortal sin. Mortal sins destroyed the life of grace, and created the threat of eternal damnation unless either absolved through the sacrament of confession, or forgiven through perfect contrition on the part of the penitent.

Beginning in the early 14th century, the popularity of the seven deadly sins as a theme among European artists of the time eventually helped to ingrain them in many areas of Christian culture and Christian consciousness in general throughout the world. One means of such ingraining was the creation of the mnemonic "SALIGIA" based on the first letters in Latin of the seven deadly sins: superbia, avaritia, luxuria, invidia, gula, ira, acedia.

Source taken from Wikipedia

  • Has anyone watched the movie "Se7en" yet? It is so hard for me to find the original/pirate DVD *sighs*

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Show off bitch!

Shit. I’m sick of dealing with this kind of person. A person of a million. A person who sells her dignity [NOT!] and faith [certainly ILLUSIONABLE!] to make some false perceptions over everybody else only in order to make herself looks cooler and better than the one she got mess with.

Shoot. I’m fed up dealing with this kind of creature. A person who isn’t able to sort out list of priority from the most essential one until the last one I call “rubbish”, yet she does most of things out from rubbish. Or maybe she is rubbish? Well, the hell with that. Someone has actually loved her fortunately. She has savior, or maybe she calls him another victim of her rubbish head mind.

Freak. She’s definitely one of them. Out to the world being someone whom people think she‘s a so-call experienced person. Out of the false opinion too, she proudly thinks my experience in life is next to none. And there she goes, dancing dirtily around dumb people telling what is good and bad, telling what to do and not. Telling she’s the one and I am the last. Her bouncing lips go down and dirty with her bouncing tits, go down until her bouncing ass. But yes, ha-ha... another person had already raping down all of ‘em, didn’t he?

Fuck. Just fuck yourself off from my face, will ya? You’re just one in a million, really. It’s hurting me to tell you this. But what else could truth offer besides biting reality? Better think I’m your reality, coz I bite. And I bite only for reminding. Once you walk over my head, I’m the one who will make you lose that thing off your body. Coz I’m a killer indeed.

And you, you know no shit about it coz of your business selling your pride over and over. Chill, relax and step back. Watch out, I have poisoned fangs and my knife is sharp.

You show off bitch!

Pic by; Iwed [You can be a bitch. But a show off bitch deserves HELL !!]

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Final Champion taun ini ngga seru!!!

Sumpah, final Champion taun ini bener-bener NGGA SERU!!! Bukan karena gue mihak MU [like always], tapi karena emang dari awal pertandingan kedua kubu udah main ngga seru. Ngga seimbang banget.

MU main kaya pakai beban, tapi kadang-kadang juga keliatan kaya under-estimate Barca. Padahal Messi berbahaya banget pagi ini, sedangkan Scholes mandul, Ronaldo JADUL.. [Gue benci banget ma dia dari sejak pengkhianatannya ke Inggris di Piala Dunia. Dasar tukang diving cengeng! Borok MU luh, sama aja kaya Inzaghi di Milan] dan entah kenapa Back MU lagi seret mengkeret banget. Pokoknya ngga ada perlawanan berarti dari MU buat Barca.

Bener-bener bikin ngga semangat nontonnya, ngga kaya dua taun lalu waktu Liverpool dibikin nangis sama Milan saat final pembalasan dendam yang sangat manis itu.

Sudah sudah, final Champion taun ini emang ngga seru banget! Tunggu aja taun depan, MILAN will be the next Champion's winner.


[ 03:56 am ---- tidur dengan hati kecewa]

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


From the bottom of my heart,

I pity you.



Photo by: hostdrjack

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It’s dying. See that, man!

This morning I arrived at my office at 10 am!! I was stuck even from the housing. Me and my husband had been wondering what happened and guessing that must be because of the hard rain last night. And hell it was...

I and my husband went out from home at 7 when it all happened. We couldn't move forward, we were really stuck. Then after 30 minutes of waste, we turned around and went back home. I tried to call my brother to check his condition and he hadn't gone yet so he didn't know that the traffic outside our housing was incredibly awful [my home and my brother's are close]. We finally got information from one of our neighbors that there was small erosion near the housing! I was just like... WHAT THE FUCK?!

So, regarding to the housing mentioned before, let me introduce you with the high-dream of Kelapa Gading residency there. Near my house, once there were veggie-fields spread out in both sides of the road to Kelapa Gading Gate 2 and Gate 3. Then, last year our local government decided to reorganized [in my case it means swept off!!] the veggie fields into something more "content" and "city-look". So they decided to replace the fresh fields to one subsidized apartment and a new luxurious housing named "Grand Orchard". The construction itself has been running since early this year. I found it a bit anxious to know that my housing won't be the same anymore with the green veggie fields that were once bring us the freshness in the morning and the evening but then it has to be changed to something that will bring us more and more population. I can't stop wondering what do the local government searching for by constructing more and more housings and apartments in Kelapa Gading, though they know that our drainageges are getting worse each year... that's why we're beginning to suffer by flood every time the rainy season comes.

But anyway, they are still continuing the construction. Later, one day I looked to the area and what I saw made me really angry; they have higher the new housing land! It's their tactic to avoid flood attack. But hell-O... if the Grand Orcharders-to-be will be safe from the flood, then what about us, the older neighbors? Many people have the same thought like I do, we've been thinking scarily of how this land will becoming in the next five years ahead when all the apartments and residences here are ready to use.

Back to this morning, finally they harvest their own seeds [though we – forcibly – have to harvest it with them too]. The higher land they built got crushed by the hard rain last night and caused the small erosion. It blocked the road from the residence to Kelapa Gading, what happened next was a nightmare... the worst traffic ever this year, in a history of our residence. Yes, let's imagine, you were in your house about to go to work, you went out from your fence, you made one right turn from the block and bhoom! You got stuck there for almost an hour without making any progress. And yes, you were still in the same cool calm fresh residence, except that it was so bloody hell crowded by all vehicles and people going to work. Smokes are everywhere in the air above us. I felt like getting dizzy so I asked my husband to go back home and found other alternative roads.

Finally – after 10 minutes break at home – we got back to road and take the alternative farer road to my work. We took Cakung – Pulomas – Arion – Pramuka – Matraman – Manggarai – Kuningan road [O my God, that was f*cking far, man!]. And, after the hot blood and rush we arrived here! Here, my office... 10 am!! [3 hours, wow!!]

Dude, I'm recalling my husband's statement last night on our way home. He said that Jakarta will be FULL of vehicles [and this is literally] they will fill ALL roads in Jakarta and will make the WORST traffic along the history in 2014 [experts and wisdom thinkers said]. That's because car selling got increase every year yet government won't be able to widen the road again, can't tell is it about money or about the incapability to sweep off the residence coz of the increasing population growth every year. So the population growth = car & motorcycle buying ≠ road width. And not to forget the global warming issue we're facing now, sadly just small groups of people who are aware of how urgent and dangerous this issue is. The rest remain ignorance, though they know that the nature is dying.

So, still think that this world is okay?

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Personality. Ikutan yuuuk! :p

1. Open this website :

2. Take the Personality Quiz

3. Copy Paste the result to Facebook

4. Tag your friends (including me o_o)

Well, My Personality based on this test :

Your view on yourself:

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You are not looking merely for a girl/boyfriend - you are looking for your life partner. Perhaps you should be more open-minded about who you spend time with. The person you are looking for might hide their charm under their exterior.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don't focus on something in particular. You need to choose something and go for it to be happy and achieve success.

How do you view success:

You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.

Who is your true self:

You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.

Errr... okay this is scary! LOL

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Embracing heart.

Let me not to the marriage of true minds.
Admit impediments. Love is not love.
Which alters when it alteration finds.
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark.
That looks on tempests and is not shaken.
It is the star to every wandering bark.
Whose worth
's unknown, although his height be taken.
's not time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks.
Within his bending sickle
's compass come.
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks.
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error, and upon me proved.
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

They think I'm weird.

I own something they don't

I speak different language

I wake up at night

I sing with sweet revengeful banshee

I love my black long hair

And so they think I'm weird.

Atypical historical

A woely arduous mental

I feed my own deeds

I try to be honest to the fault

And honesty must always been paid off

Painful as what it literally seemed

Yet painful feels so tediously numb

In these eyes I shed dry tears

Collecting every pieces remain

Of the broken dry dreams

They looked darkly beautiful

I desire to live that way

Dreamy ever after

And so they still think I'm weird?

Why don't just slay them all?

~ G ~

Friday, March 06, 2009

The Unaccepted.

She can’t feel the wind blow

She can’t tell to where they go

Paralyzed, the unwanted ghost crying in the corner

The night starts singing, they won’t end the night

They won’t end the torture, the ghost still has to face the massacre

She can feel all eyes staring at her

They’re drooling, their fangs sharpened

They speak as they detain

They laugh as they bite

They scream as they kill

And they kill as hell

She doesn’t want to feel anything anymore

Like a one-winged angel, she losses her power

No arm

No shoulder

No one

She’s the unwanted, she is the princess become the scum

Excruciating, like a werewolf seeing a full moon

Delivers painful messages through injuring

Something she would live forever with

Something she would bear as weakness

Something she would become

The unaccepted

She would do wrong for the rest of his [unreal] life

Screaming will be muted

Protest will be a pantomime

Body will be wasted

Hand will be petrified

Tears will be useless

Death will be heaven

The unwanted remains still

Night seems unfriendly

Where dark cannot offer comfort anymore

The owl hides its head, it tells it cannot save her anymore

To the fanged fear, to the bitten reality

To the fake saint who kills your soul discreetly in faux blissfulness

She wishes to be unseen

The ghost wishes to be a ghost.

- G -