Monday, April 06, 2015

[Deathlust] 666!

Don't judge by the title, I'm not worshiping satan (God forbid!). The title means that on April 4, Deathlust has enter its 6th wedding anniversary! Yeaaaay... Six six six!

I won't go bragging about how much I've known my own man. No. I still need to dig deeper to know a man who's been marrying me for the past 6 years and for me, that is the excited part of marriage. I always spare some space for mystery to make me keep wondering, guessing or even suspecting things about him, just to make sure that I still have that jealousy feeling toward him even though we've been together for a long time. But of  course honesty and communication come first. I'm not saying that I'm good at communicating either (though it's my background education, lol), but I always try to learn that communication doesn't always have to be talk, talk, talk and no listening. I've learned that when I agree to get married, it means that I agree to put aside my ego to do everything i want because every decision that i will make has to be 'legalized' first with my husband. His permission is my blessing. I learn many other good things though sometimes they're hard to do. I learn how to be more patient. I learn how to be more tolerant. I learn to listen more. I learn to give without expecting to receive. I learn how to multitask. I learn to be supportive and so on.

I'm fully aware that I'm a little childish comparing to my husband. I get cranky easily. I'm careless sometimes. When being mad, I tend to remain silent and let him figure it out by himself with the absence of my cheerfulness. I'm reactive with things that bother me and still lots more. But they won't stop me from being a better person each day; To be the best 'first lady' to him. Six years is not a long time, i want it to last for 60 years and more (by Allah's permission, aamiin..). I want our family to be the best home we ever dreamed of. I want our family to be the best school that could teach us about life and love, to God and to the fellow being, and I want my family to be the most comfortable playground for us to have fun. And to achieve all that, I must be able to work as a team, as a partner, as a friend - to him.

Grilled lamb, i chose the loin / back meat. Soooo delicious!
Anyway, our anniversary day was kinda cool. We didn't celebrate much. My hubby just took me to have a (late) lunch to Kambing Bakar Cairo in Kelapa Gading. He's been aiming the restaurant for months and we just had time yesterday to try it. We talked about lot of things about us like the way we used to talk to know each other more, back then when we're still lovers. We talked about work, goals, our kids till stupid jokes (as usual, lol).

Us in Kambing Bakar Cairo, Kelapa Gading
Good thing bout being an art lover who's marrying an art lover as well... We thought that we should come out with something. Some "announcement" to the world about this wedding anniversary. So, he just bought us 2 pairs of Converse All Star, with AC/DC theme on it (so excited! thanks, duduls), and we thought, "Why don't we take pictures together wearing these shoes? The philosophy of it is that the new shoes are our new spirit and hope to be able to keep walking in the path God has set to us as marriage couple. And to make sure that we're walking on the right side". So then after coming home from our lunch, we took pictures of our happy little feet - wearing our happy little Converses :D

“Wanita yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik. Lelaki yang baik untuk wanita yang baik pula (begitu pula sebaliknya). Bagi mereka ampunan dan reski yang melimpah (yaitu:Surga)” [QS. An Nuur (24):26].