Monday, November 17, 2014

[The Day] Officially 30!

Alhamdulillah Allah has given (and is still giving) me a life full of blessings till this far. I only have one wish; to give me a healthy body & mind for many years to come, so I can keep taking care of my family - the most precious thing Allah ever gave me.

Happy rocking birthday, Iwed. Oh wait, that's me!

November 15 - The Scorpio girl!

 Officially 30. Officially happy!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Eat on your own plate.

some people are just plain shallow and mean they can't stand seeing everybody else's happy achievement. they'll see greener color when looking at someone's grass and it makes them feel unsatisfied. they whisper lies behind her back so others will turn around and stand against her though she didn't do anything wrong and remained harmless. they left her no space to defend herself and wherever she goes, others will throw cynical glance at her.

she gets fed up with this lousy cheerleader-type of bullying, it feels ridiculous and stupid. because it happens by a stupid reason. everyone has their own plate. she deserves the lunch menu on her plate that she has cook / bought and so do others. people can't just take her plate and eat her food by force or intentionally nudge down her plate and ruin the food she deserves to have.

you go for your own blessing and make yourself worthy of earning one. be thankful for the smallest thing you have instead of always comparing it to others' because it won't be enough for you until you own the universe - which by the way won't ever happen till the universe itself vanished. own your blessing and stop cursing the blessings other people are having while you're not. think again, have you make yourself worth it?

from now on, she won't be beaten up by some crappy cunning trick those mean people will do to her. i won't be beaten up by some crappy cunning trick those mean people will do to me.

eat on your own plate and leave mine... you wrinkly old hags. :)