Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Video] Hijab tutorial using a cerruti scarf.

Salam 'alaikum hijabees!

YES! I knoooowww... Finally, right? I've got so many things to do in the real world I almost had no time to shoot a video for the tutorial. But last week I & husband didn't go anywhere and just stayed at home playing with our 3yo son. Then we thought "Why don't we shoot a video for my hijab tutorial?"

So there you go. The first time my hubby helps me in shooting a tutorial video [and editing as well]. So all the thank you goes to my best man :-*

Anyway I hope you like this style. And don't hesitate to send me PM / email me at if you want me to do another tutorial or ask me anything. Inshallah I will reply your email/message a.s.a.p

Have a nice day. Stay covered!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

[Event] Behind the scene pics! LOL

There will be no fun without taking behind the scene pictures a bit...





Uchie & Karin

Lala & Puput

Peny & Ola

Peny & Iwed


Puput & Ola



Mulai geje :D

LOL [Dita & Ola]

LOL [Indah & Iwed]

The MB Committees

The MB Committees [Ola, Uchie, Lala, Lya, Wida & Indira]

The MB Committees [Dita, Iwed, Uchi, Endah, Lala, Lya, Wida & Indira]

Kenarsisan Ola :))
Kenarsisan Iwed :))

UP: Lala - Indah & Karin | DOWN: Uchi & Indah-Lya-Peny

Mabagut :D

After show

The MB Committees: Peny, Lya, Indah & Uchie

The MB Committees: Iwed, Lya, Indah, Endah & Uchie

The MB Committees: Dita, Iwed, Uchie & Lala

Look, Lya... I can fly! LOL

With Puput

[Event] Report Event of Mari Berhijab Inspiring Beauty

Salam 'alaikum darlings!

It's been forever I haven't stopped by here just to check what's new. Pardon. Got tons of duties to do yet they never extend the 24-hour-per-day aren't they? *sighs*

Anyway, I just wanna post some pictures from Mari Berhijab's last event called "Mari Berhijab Inspiring Beauty" which had beauty class with Wardah and hijab tutorial presented by Puput Utami. For complete report, click this link.

Enjoy the photos and hopefully MB can hold another in event in the near future and you all can participate in it, Aamiin...

Thanks a lot for MB Committees for the hard work, Wardah for the beauty class and the room where this event took place, for all MedParts and Sponsors [Wardah, Zirraa, Ranna, Kara, Misla & Shabby Shabia] and last but not least, all participants who joined it. Syukran for you all, Ukhti. You're the best! :)





Shabby Shabia


Registration table

Opening words by MB Founder: Ola

Opening words by the Chairman of the event: Uchie

Wardah MUA is explaining some important points of make up

The make up class begins!

Wardah MUA is presenting the make up steps to the participants

The one who wears the blue hijab IS NOT from Wardah, hehehe

Karin [One of MB Committees] with the final result. Cute!

Karin with the complete Wardah make up kit

Uchie & Dita [MB Committees] followed the make up class too, LOL.

Lala - MB Committee followed the beauty class too

Peni [MC & MB Committee] with the winners of the best make up

Puput Utami - the hijab tutor

It's hijab tutorial time!

Puput is giving the first hijab style to the participants

Puput is helping a participant who found difficulty in styling her hijab

Puput, Dita & Me helping the participants

They look so serious, LOL

Puput giving giveaways to 4 hijabers with the best style

MB Committees with medparts' & sponsors' stuffs

All the participants + MB Committees. Thanks y'all!


We are MARI BERHIJAB. Thanks for the support. Let's wear hijab! ^^