Friday, July 19, 2013

[ #IndonesiaTanpaJIL ] Charge Our Aqidah (It's tomorrow!)

Salam 'alaikum beautiful people!

For you who don't have any plan yet tomorrow, let's join our event titled "Charge Our Aqidah" (It's about time, don't you think? ^^). Details are below:

Date: Saturday, July 20th 2013
Time: 09 am – 6 pm (Yes dudes, we're going to have a break-fasting time together)
Place: Rumah Damai Indonesia, Jln. H.Sa'abun no. 20, Pejaten Timur , (Jalan Margasatwa). Jaksel

- Islamic study with Ustad Akmal Sjafril : “Pengaruh Yahudi Terhadap Islam Liberal”
- Book Review “Jejak Freemansory dan Zionis di Indonesia” by
Ustad Herry Nurdi
- Sharing Session with Ombat Nasution
- Tilawah
- Orphans aid
- Break-fasting
- etc
Infaq: IDR 25000,-
Incl: ta’jil + meal box, donation to the orphans

Send a text message to +62812 813 85734 (Format: ‪#‎DaftarCOA‬(space)Name(space)Address)

So c'mon... Time to recharge the ukhuwah, time to charge the aqidah , time to seize a profound inner peace. We'll meet you there, yaaa... ^^