Monday, December 17, 2012

[Review] Maybelline Matte Lipstick - No. 625.

Salam 'alaikum darlings,

Before reading this review, do not expect that you'll get a pro-class review kinda like, because seriously... I was a real amateur when it comes to cosmetics review. I'm not a make-up junkie though I love putting make-up on my face. This is suppose to be an informal review that's strongly based on personal likes and dislikes - ness. So here we go!

What I'm gonna review now is this lipstick I just bought from Maybelline. I've been searching for matte lipstick, bloody red one. Just because I wanna try it. I have lots of palette lipstick I just got so bored with them. So my colleague at work who's also a make-up artist - Monica - recommended me a matte lipstick from Revlon. I was about to hunt that thing till 3 days ago when I went lunch to Plaza Festival near my office.

There, there was a big sale of Matahari *as usual* but Revlon didn't open any counter. I just found Maybelline, Silkygirl and Wardah. Because I already have lots of Wardah lipsticks so I took a look at Maybelline counter and stumbled by this lipstick.

Price = 7,5
Affordable, it costs for IDR 70k only.

Packaging = 8
I honestly love the packaging because it represents the color the best. And one of my fave color as well >> Red as blood.

Color = 8
I chose the matte lipstick no. 625. I almost chose the 635 but the color is deeper and darker, not like what I was searching; a bloody red color. So this was my choice

Endurance = 7,5
I applied the lipstick on at 8 am and until 1 pm - precisely after I had lunch - the color of the lipstick was still precisely the same unless of course the inside part of the lips. It's a bit faded but not too much.

Effect on the lips = 8
I have a dry easy-to-chapped lips. I must apply a medicated lip-balm before applying a lipstick. But with this lipstick, I don't have to use any lip balm if I'm in hurry. I can just use it and my lips will be saved from getting chapped for almost 8 hours. For me, it's an awesomeness.

That's all I guess. All choice is yours. But if you're a matte-lipstick lover, this product is highly recommended ;)



[Cover Song] Paramore - Decode

Salam 'alaikum!

I can't get enough of Paramore.

Friends of mine have been requesting me to do Paramore cover song, in which I don't mind at all. I just do it one at a time :) Another request is to do the cover song recorded in a video instead of audio. Well, to be honest I've been thinking of that. Since my husband @budie-deathlust has sold his Jackson guitar, I don't have any acoustic duet sparing for a while till he buys a new guitar. But I actually have another name in mind. Just told him bout the idea, he said okay and now we just have to compromise with the time management for doing the cover song video.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this. Will put the credit below :)



Original song: Decode from Paramore
Guitar acoustic: Link
Lead singer: Iwed
Backing vocal: Iwed
Soundcloud Version: Link

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I hate you... Hic!!






hic... hic




Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[Daily Style] Smile and spread the love!

Salam 'alaikum readers ^^

How are ya? Hope everything goes well yaah. I dunno what happen with me today. I feel like smiling all the time though I might feel a bit flagging caused by my fasting today. But hey I don't feel it even a bit.

Whatever the reason is, for me smiling is a good thing for sure. And what I'm wearing today prolly gives a bit contribution to the good mood. I am wearing bright-colored outfit and hijab. The top is grey, with a bloody red turtle neck. Then I have a white-based pashmina with black and red love-printed pattern on it. Fresh isn't it?

Smile is the simplest thing you can do to brighten up your day as well as others'. A simple sincere smile. Remember, no matter how big your problem is, Allah SWT is bigger, He is even The Biggest. So why mourning? ;)

And oh, my on-mode mood has nothing to do with the "tanggal cantik". I'm not a kind of person that... you know, saying "Happy 4-monthsary!" or "Happy 121212!!!" or "Hail Scorpions!!" and other crabs... I mean craps, LOL. I just smile for no reason. That's me; Spread the loooove!

Lovely :)


Scarf by @ZirraaOlshop

Scarf by @ZirraaOlshop

Monday, December 10, 2012

[Cover song] Avril Lavigne - Things I'll Never Say

Salam 'alaikum!

Frankly speaking it's been so long I have this secret desire to sing a cover song from Avril Lavigne. Yes, she used to be my sk8er gurl back then about 10 to 7 years ago. Now, I don't really enjoy all of her music but one or two.
Anyway this song can probably be a belated birthday gift song to my lovely husband Die, hehehe. Hope he'll like it :p

Enjoy :)



Original song: Things I'll Never Say by Avril Lavigne
Guitar acoustic: Link
Lead singer: Iwed
Backing vocal: Iwed
Soundcloud version: Link

Friday, December 07, 2012

[Daily Style] Versace pattern!

Models: Iwed & Monica
Location: iToast - Epiwalk
Head piece: Versace Pashmina by @ZirraaOlshop


[Daily Style] Follow the line!

Pashmina by @ZirraaOlshop

[Daily Style] Patchwork pashmina is good!

Another pattern that makes me fall in love. Instantly! ^^
Patchwork pashmina apparently is goooood....



Pashmina by @ZirraaOlshop

[Daily Style] When you're in blue, wear orange!

Pashmina by @ZirraaOlshop

[Daily Style] Red bloody red

Pashmina by @ZirraaOlshop
I always in love with Red as well as Black. What can I say, I'm a Milanisti to death ^^

[Daily Style] When you're in blue, wear PINK!

Even I - who don't really like pink - have to admit that this scarf is sooo sweet!


Pashmina by @ZirraaOlshop