Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Writing] About her: Diandri Almira Widi.

Assalamu'alaikum, readers!


Wohohoho... How are you? All is well hopefully, yes? Aamin...

How am I doing? Never better! Why so? Well, let me introduce you with someone....

Pic taken by hubby

This cute lil girl is Diandri Almira Widi. We call her "Andri".

Diandri = My & hubby's name (buDI & ANDRIani). Andriani is my last name :)
Almira = The word is from Arabic language (also used in Greek language) means "Aristocrat or Princess" - a noble call to a woman.
Widi = From a Sanskrit language, means "knowledge" or "intelligence".

My second child, my first daughter. Finally was born safely to the world on April 26, 2014 at 3:48 pm through sectio surgery, and weighted 2.65 kg. Alhamdulillah, now I have a pair of amazing kids! What more could I ask? Thank you, Allah <3

Speaking about Andri, she was born 3 weeks earlier than the due date. As I have told you in my blog titled "[Writing] 200gr", Some 'condition' occurred in my fetus. First, the fetus didn't grow as expected, she only weighted 1,5 kg on her 30th weeks, when she should have weighted 1,7 kg. Second, it seemed that there was a very smooth leakage of the amniotic fluid as there was a quite significant decrease of it (normal amount is 10, mine was just 7.8), and third, I was having an early contraction on my 33rd weeks so then I was hospitalized for two nights to prevent the early contraction from getting worse. The obgyn gave me two times of injection to mature the baby's lungs (in where my vagina felt so fucking itchy couple seconds after the injection. Bummer, haha!), in case the contraction continued and I needed to deliver the baby that day. But Alhamdulillah she stayed inside my belly a little longer, hehe... I was probably being too exhausted everyday at work. Almost everyday, I went home at night, went to and from work with motorcycle, plus I did exercise at the gym 3 times a week. DANG!!

"What the hell was she doing?", you'd prolly ask that question in your mind about me. Yes, I - too - feel stupid, come to think of it. People say you'll live your life easier and more relaxed on your second pregnancy, regarding you're experienced enough to take care your fetus and all. But no. Heck no. I skipped one most important thing about pregnancy: DON'T GET TOO TIRED. But that didn't stop me from being a badass overworked woman, wasn't I?

I'm sorry, my baby bunny. You were the one who had to bear your mommy's mischievousness *sighs*.

After being hospitalized from March 26 - 28, the obgyn forbid me to work again. So after a week of bedresting, I submitted my maternity leave form to the HR staff & my boss. I have 20 "empty" days, meaning I was going through 20 days on bed, just laid down having what my body and my fetus had been screaming since the beginning; RESTING.

And still no baby. What kind of maternity leave was that? Meh.

During my early maternity leave, I must.. bold, underline and italic this, I MUST eat six egg-whites everyfuckingday!! Not to mention a pile of vitamins & special meds to help gaining my baby's weight, and 2 glasses of hi-protein milk. GAAAAHHH!!! That felt like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I swear God now I'm a bit trauma with egg-white. Na'ah... Won't eat that thing again for about a hundred years ahead, lol! Then I have a weekly meeting schedule with my obgyn to control the baby's progress. Everything went well, till on my 37 weeks of pregnancy (around April 20), the obgyn found no happy progress on her weight. In a week, she only gained weight below 100 gram, "That's it. You're having a surgery a week ahead, lady. She ain't growing inside there anymore (pointing my fat belly)." Then I thought, "Well that's not bad. At least she could hold on inside me for a month since I was hospitalized". I was scheduled to have a sectio surgery on April 27th, but then she must be taken out a day earlier because the amniotic fluid decreased again from 8.8 to 7.1.

Pic taken by hubby
With the chubs-chubs (I feel like eating those cheeks, lol)
A day after she was born, my breastmilk had come out. Yeaaay... Learning from my previous breastfeeding time with #LittleRayyan, I already pumped my milk the day after my surgery - of course along with bfeeding Andri. Must be honest, I felt soo guilty to her, esp when knowing she just weighted 2.65 kg, while her brother weighted 3,3 kg when he was born. So I was like turning into a breastmilk bitch. I'm all about breastfeeding and breastpumping. I ignored the 'quite-maddening' pain that I felt post surgery, what mattered to me was only bfeeding her & collecting the milk since the beginning. I have collected more than 6 bottles of milk @60ml during 4 days of recovery at the hospital. Seemed to be destined to do that, on Day-3 Andri's bilirubin (hematoidin) was 11,7. Not too high but couldn't be ignored as well. The DSA suggested a blue light treatment to Andri for a day. You know the rule, aight? During the treatment I couldn't breastfeed her, so the pumped breastmilk I had been collecting was very useful. Till today, Alhamdulillah I have collected enough (even a lot) stockpile of breastmilk inside the freezer at home. I already got back to work since last week, the struggle to pump the milk has begun ladies and gents. I determine and demand myself to bfeed Andri till she's 2 years old - just like her brother. She must grow as healthy as possible with my breastmilk. I have to make it up to her to remove the guilty feeling I've been bearing, hehehe... Wish me luck!! *fingers crossed*

Breast is Best!!

May 18th 2014

June 7th, 2014

July 13th, 2014

One nice thing to know is that Rayyan's and Andri's birthdays are so close to each other. Rayyan is on April 24th and Andri is on April 26th. Hohoho... It's a blessing thing to us - parents right? LOL.

Anyway, my hubby had been collecting videos since my first trimester of pregnancy till Andri was born. The video has up on Youtube. It's our little present to her just so someday - when we're not in this world again - she could see how much her parents love her and want the best for her, for her brother as well. They're everything to me, they're the air I breathe, the charger of my battery, the water for my dry throat. They're my ultimate antidote.

Rayyan Widi Alastair & Diandri Almira Widi

Taken by hubby

Enjoy the video, I gotta go now... Pumping! LOL. Have a nice day, peeps. Happy fasting and enjoy the Eid Fitr's allowance (Or should I say, THR??). Yeeehaaaww...! :D