Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[Vlog] August Faves!

Salam 'alaikum ;)

August is almost over & September is coming. Time really flies with a jet plane isn't it?

And so I guess it's time for me to post an August Favorites video! Those are some fave stuffs that I love to wear this month. Enjoy ;)


[Vlog] #MOTD & #OOTD : When Orange & Tosca Embrace

Salam 'alaikum,

I have uploaded a Vlog in my Youtube channel! Yee-haaw ;)

It's a make-up of the day & outfit of the day video! Actually I recorded it couple days before holiday so it was still on fasting month actually, hehehe... Pardon for the late post :p


[Farewell] See ya later, the stewardess-to-be

Another farewell, but this is for a good thing. Our dear friend, Putri - one of the secretaries in my office - is resigning from work & is entering the new fun journey with the Thai Airlines team as a stewardess. Yeaaay! Congrats, darling ^^

Meanwhile, below are sum images of our farewell dinner [break-fasting to be exact] at Hong Lung Resto, Epicentrum Walk.

G'luck with the new adventure, Putriiii... *hugs*


[Left-right]: Standing >> Me & Ria [@vonlexus]. On Chairs >> Ana, Rina [@clevina], Teteh, Tata [@siscata], Tissa, Putri [@nadiaLputri], Nita [@luvnietta], Rofi, Vina [@vna88] & Anna [@malyanasuri]

[Holiday] Paris Van Java!

I didn't get the chance to take pictures of Bandung. I just took loads of pics of my son, LOL. So here they are


I fall in love over and over again ^^