Monday, August 06, 2012

[Office] BIIN in reunion ^^

Salam 'alaikuum ^^

I should've posted this entry last week but I didn't have the time to do that *sobs*

I & some of my close friends from the company I used to work in were having a break-fasting together at office. Lots of craziness, lunacies & laughter shared there. Hope the pics representing enough ;)


From left to right: Dini [@difara5], Vivi [@vievivivie], me, Ndun [@ndun_1st], Daro [@daroj], Kanti, Widya, Ayu, Nona, Yusi [@yusimaria] & Fudel [@efudheel]

At BIIN's [Bakrie Indo Infrastructure] new office on 34th floor of Bakrie Tower

My colleagues when I was still working at BIIN :')

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