Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[Fashion] Abaya Jeans

Salam 'alaikum! ^^

The pics above are what I wore in the first day of Iedul Fitri. I didn't go to the masjid & had the sunnah pray because I had my period. So yeah, I didn't have any particular new dress for Iedul Fitri.

Instead, I wore my old dress, an amazing abaya. This jeans-fabric abaya has been my property for 8 years! Yes, I bought this abaya when I went Umroh with my family in 2004 (I can't believe it still fits with my plumpy body! LOL) and after 8 years, this dress still looks stunning for me. Why bother searching for a new dress if I still have the same stunning dress in my commode? LOL



Zara said...

i like ur post. Really nice

Iwed Goddess said...

@Zara: Subhanallah, syukraan :)