Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Glittery hitches, bitterly glitches.

Tough things (should) make me strong and make us even stronger. These days probably are one of those toughest time for us. We've been hit by some unwanted situation several times in a row. I know Allah is aiming His eyes on us now, He is giving some trials for us to intensify our religious foundation and our faith to his Mightiness. I really think that we are being rebuked by Him for some of our negligence and ignorance through these time. Yet in other way, it is showing that He expresses his affection to us. And for that, I thank Him more...

I am recalling tough time we had back then when we were dying to convince people (who were against us) that the love we had was so pure and strong and that we will hold hands together to face the bittersweet realities upon us, to resolve all problems standing in front of us, ready to stumble us down. Until the grip is broken, until death breaks it.

And now, we should do what we already did not so long ago; standing side by side, face up, calm down and ready to withstand the storm of hitches and glitches together.

I have to always remember one thing; We may have big problems, but our God is BIGGER.

باسم الله الرحمن الرحيم