Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Break-fasting w/ hi-school alumnus

Gathering with old best friends is never a failure. ;)

After eating and chatting and taking LOTS of pictures from the camera, we continued the craziness to the photo studio inside Kelapa Gading Mall 3. I had a blasting night with them. Love and friendship are in the air ^^


Date: August 21st 2011
Location: Warung Tekko, Gading Food City

Friday, August 19, 2011

Yellow blue sky ;)

Recently I've been experimenting about my hijab style, what most noticeable is that I appear more colorful than usual (it's been and it's ALWAYS been black in me, lol). I've tried to wear red & purple for a long time, but not yellow and blue for a loooong time (the only yellow outfit I have is my alma mater jacket, hehe...). But now I'm in a feeling of trying all colors I could find; red, blue, purple, yellow, tosca, orange, brown, uhmmm.. yeah that's it (no pink. sorry.).

And now here I am with my yellow & blue outfits. Enjoy ;)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Merdeka, already?!

Two days ago we, all Bakrie Group companies, had the break-fasting together in the office & yesterday we held a flag ceremony to celebrate the 66th anniversary of Indonesia! Yaaaay! So (not) excited!

Not just because we're doing it in the middle of the fasting month, but also because I'm getting sick of such ritual thing. The reward isn't comparable with the punishment if we don't attend this. There's an unhealthy force toward this so I was unwillingly attending the ceremony.

Kita sudah merdeka, bukan?