Friday, October 23, 2009

Very good topic, WRONG writer (The Jakarta Post article)

Porn is inside the mind, not in someone's breast when feeding her hungry baby in public place. The writer put a very good topic with a very superficial thought! Go brainstorm your mind and brain once more before writing.


Rrrhhh... GIRLS!

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(This article is taken from The Jakarta Post, Tuesday October 20, 2009.)

Live porn aboard an economy train?

Tue, 10/20/2009 1:24 PM | City

One day last week I took the train, economy-class, from Sawah Besar in Central Jakarta to Depok in West Java. It was 11:30 a.m., the sun was beating down and it was hot, all the train passengers were sweating heavily in the airless carriage.

I was standing near two mothers sat with their babies aged about 12-18 months old, who were enjoying the breeze coming in through the carriage windows.

Twenty minutes went by, it was getting hotter, and one of the toddlers, looking tired, started crying. The wailing baby grasped her mother*s shirt and tugged, fussing and wriggling, throwing her body from right to left in her mother's arms. Maybe because of the hot weather, or due to hunger, or tiredness.

Standing around the mother were several male passengers. Endless minutes later, the howling baby was still struggling and grasping at her mother*s shirt. I watched the mother and child; the baby's anguish, the mother's anxiety and her countless efforts to console her baby, all to no avail. Passengers started to feel irritated by the wailing.

As the crying became even louder, the mother gave up and slowly opened her shirt a little and offered her breast to the baby. Within a half second, the baby stopped crying and looked content. That, then, was the reason she had been crying for more than 20 minutes. I couldn't ignore the temptation of watching them, so I continue to look, marveling at how the baby became so calm after getting what she wanted, and how the male passengers were enjoying looking at a woman with her breast showing. There were six men around her, and they were avidly watching the breast-feeding process.

As a woman, I felt embarrassed. Really. However, for me, this was not the first time, 10 years ago, when I used to take the train every day, I was always coming across similar situations to today's. How can a baby exploit their own mother*s privacy just to satisfy their hunger or thirst? Yes, I know, little babies have not learned yet how to be reasonable. They cry to get what they need. If, at the time, you had been in my position, I bet you wouldn*t have stopped looking at them either, just like the group of men, who all enjoyed free porn that hot day. You would not only have felt amused, but astonished, at the fact that little babies have such great power to control their mothers and get what they want.

After this baby had calmed down, the second baby, about the same age as the first, watching her little friend suckling her mother's breast, perhaps, felt envious. So this baby then began to wail, with the same volume as had the first. But this baby's mother was wearing Muslim attire, which meant according to Islamic law she ought not show any part of the body forbidden to be seen by the opposite sex (aurat) and it would have been very awkward for her if she had opened part of her clothing to feed her baby. Therefore, she did not, she ignored the baby*s tantrum, even when the baby began to pull at her mother*s shirt with all her strength. Fifteen minutes later, the baby was still screaming, but her mother still did not offer her her breast.

That baby must have been very puzzled, upset and then distraught at not getting what she wanted. Why could her little companion get her needs met so easily, and yet she just had to accept that her mother wouldn't fulfill her needs?

The train scene became an amazing drama, a live performance from the mothers and babies. The first mother gave in to her baby's demands, while the second mother decided not to show her breast in public.

What would I do if I had a baby forcing me to open my shirt in front of a hundred strangers on the train? Frankly speaking, I have no idea, but for mothers who have experienced this situation, they have only two choices: offer the breast and see their baby content, or refuse and ignore the baby*s tantrum.

Porn is one of the most popular issues in society, as every time porn appears on television, many people and organizations are ready to demonstrate, but do they even know what has been happening on the trains all these years?

I realize I haven't got concrete empirical research data yet on how many mothers have ever opened their blouses and revealed their breasts to men in order to fulfill their babies' needs. It would be funny, and controversial, if this was treated and legalized as normal - and not porn.

- Mayasari Oey

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Kriwil - 12 weeks.

I just got back from the hospital to check my pregnancy up. I went to RSCM and had my embryo checked. The obstetrician asked me this and that and also checked my health history from the beginning since I was a kid (got shocked for knowing that I don't have much illness history, yet two of my illnesses are the deadly illnesses, lol). What worries me is that those two illnesses will inherit to my Kriwil (my husband calls my baby-to-be as "Kriwil", just like his hair, lol), but the obstretician said that it would be better if I go check it to my Hepatology doctor. I guess I will meet him up next week.

After getting some standardized pregnancy check ups, I went to the USG room to have my embryo screened. And oh look at that! There was a head, cute little head, pairs of hands and feet. And Gawd I could see his/her so tiny fingers and the nose! Oh it was soo adorable! Until now I still can't believe that those things are now inside my embryo... It was like a miracle!

The age of my pregnancy now is 12 weeks, and my obstretician predicted that my baby will born around 27 - 28 of April, oh he/she will be a Taurean then. Mom has a poisoned snaps (Scorpion), Dad has an arch with goat-body and human-head (Sagitarian), Son/daughter will have horns, sharp ones (Taurean). Oh, we're going to make a killer family, aren't we? *grins*

Now, I often recalling myself to not to forget to always pray Surah Yusuf, Maryam, Ar-Rahman and Al-Insyirah for the sake of my miracle. Hopefully Allah will always give Kriwil a good healthiness and enough nutrient.

I'm so can't wait, huhuhu...

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Arch Enemy Concert in Jakarta, Oct 28!!

The event called "We Keep Metal Alive" was done last Sunday. Finally Solucite judges have made their decision of which band will be the opening act for Arch Enemy concert here in Jakarta on October 28.

Besides Psycroptic, a technical death metal band from Hobart, Australia, Melody Maker is the lucky band from Indonesia who will be the opening act. After getting through a tough selection on the event "We Keep Metal Alive" with 15 selective bands, MM won the chance.

For the complete info, please go to SMA (Solucite Metal Army) website to know about the ticket price for AE's concert.

What surprises me is this; one of my friend from the media gives me trust to interview Arch Enemy face to face!!! It is my first challenge to interview a band, a metal band. Oh I am so can't wait to meet Angela Gossow, man! She RULES.. big time! And now I am preparing to make a draft of question-list for the content. I am now waiting for the delivery of their newest album called "The Root of All Evil". I have not listen to it yet, I hope it can help me in preparing questions for the interview. Du-uh, I start to feel nervous now... hohohoho... I hope everything will go well and I don't have to be a sudden stammer and muted person that day, lol

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Solidary of Rock! - Charity Metal Event for Padang

Our country is being watched by Allah SWT once again. My lovely hometown has been crashed down by the marvelous earthquake last week. Bodies are still being searched and evacuated. Buildings and houses are still being renovated. Roads and bridges are being rebuilt. It's the psychologically of the people that matters. They got traumatized by the disaster, they lost their beloved ones, lost those they love. They are broken, inside and outside.

So what is about helping our own brothers and sisters there? Will we be loosing anything by doing that?

Sure not. Moreover, we will get many other positive things. As I believe in humanity tolerance and understanding would be two best factors to support peace and harmony in this world.

So, we - the metalheads family - would like to express our deep condolence for the victims in Padang, Pariaman and its surroundings by holding a charity gig at Carburator Springs, Jl. Veteran, Bintaro. The event will be held in Sunday, October 11 with many supporting bands will perform there (see the flyer above).

With the hope to give them support, mentally and materially, they can arise again with a new hope in the near future.

If you want to join us, you are pleased to come and join.


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Colors are just bias
They will never be there forever.

Or are they?

*looking at the beauty of the rainVow*
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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Perdus dans le rêve.

A glimmer burst in my eyes and drew vivid ray
When I laid back here and took breaths as they were all taken away
I tried to keep what I have with my remaining strength
Cause all I have had turned to something completely strange
My feet were walking in decent rhymes
My hands were swinging in solid blind
Stepping onto you, a stranger once were recognized
With glaring hazel eyes standing, waiting in disguise
Look at you, wistful-looking face…
I was simply thought I know you
Just by a second glimpse
I was thought you are true
My mind should now be hardened blackened as a rock
Should be enough of being deceived I could just do save skin and block
Hissing around as smell and silhouette came out
After for target that should be no one, should be none
But I kept walking onto you
Though somehow I knew you would never be true
I believed in false figure as I would never believe in anything else
I breathed in your air and dreamt in your sleep
When the light turned on, at forever last
You remained a mirage
I had my wake up
When were yours?

~ G ~