Friday, October 09, 2009

Solidary of Rock! - Charity Metal Event for Padang

Our country is being watched by Allah SWT once again. My lovely hometown has been crashed down by the marvelous earthquake last week. Bodies are still being searched and evacuated. Buildings and houses are still being renovated. Roads and bridges are being rebuilt. It's the psychologically of the people that matters. They got traumatized by the disaster, they lost their beloved ones, lost those they love. They are broken, inside and outside.

So what is about helping our own brothers and sisters there? Will we be loosing anything by doing that?

Sure not. Moreover, we will get many other positive things. As I believe in humanity tolerance and understanding would be two best factors to support peace and harmony in this world.

So, we - the metalheads family - would like to express our deep condolence for the victims in Padang, Pariaman and its surroundings by holding a charity gig at Carburator Springs, Jl. Veteran, Bintaro. The event will be held in Sunday, October 11 with many supporting bands will perform there (see the flyer above).

With the hope to give them support, mentally and materially, they can arise again with a new hope in the near future.

If you want to join us, you are pleased to come and join.


~ G ~

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