Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Kriwil - 12 weeks.

I just got back from the hospital to check my pregnancy up. I went to RSCM and had my embryo checked. The obstetrician asked me this and that and also checked my health history from the beginning since I was a kid (got shocked for knowing that I don't have much illness history, yet two of my illnesses are the deadly illnesses, lol). What worries me is that those two illnesses will inherit to my Kriwil (my husband calls my baby-to-be as "Kriwil", just like his hair, lol), but the obstretician said that it would be better if I go check it to my Hepatology doctor. I guess I will meet him up next week.

After getting some standardized pregnancy check ups, I went to the USG room to have my embryo screened. And oh look at that! There was a head, cute little head, pairs of hands and feet. And Gawd I could see his/her so tiny fingers and the nose! Oh it was soo adorable! Until now I still can't believe that those things are now inside my embryo... It was like a miracle!

The age of my pregnancy now is 12 weeks, and my obstretician predicted that my baby will born around 27 - 28 of April, oh he/she will be a Taurean then. Mom has a poisoned snaps (Scorpion), Dad has an arch with goat-body and human-head (Sagitarian), Son/daughter will have horns, sharp ones (Taurean). Oh, we're going to make a killer family, aren't we? *grins*

Now, I often recalling myself to not to forget to always pray Surah Yusuf, Maryam, Ar-Rahman and Al-Insyirah for the sake of my miracle. Hopefully Allah will always give Kriwil a good healthiness and enough nutrient.

I'm so can't wait, huhuhu...

~ G ~

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