Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[Photography] Same old brand new Jakarta


From 35th floor, a hello comes from a girl with thick hijab, black narcissistic-pic sweater, black pants, black socks & a cup of hot black coffee, wishing you guys to have a nice - if possible - warmer morning, at least warmer than her morning, lol.

Hijab by Zirraa. Follow their Twitter: @ZirraaOlshop

Btw, she would like to post some pics she took last week when flood attacked Jakarta. Same old same old, eh? Only God knows when that curse will stop 'visiting' the city every year. Anyway, better still see things in positive side. At least I could still sharpening my photography skill through this natural phenomena with 50mm f/1.8 and 135mm f/2.8 sears lenses of mine ~B/W style.

Let's have a look, shall we?

Bye :)

- All the pics are my own artwork. DO NOT COPY THEM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Thanks 
- If you want to see other pics I have taken with my SLR cam, you can visit my flickr account, and add me if you have one too. Thanks

Looks like enjoying the ride :D


Rayyan and daddy

In front of my housing

After accompanying mom & dad hunting pictures in the flooded area, Rayyan watched The Lone Ranger with Papa :p

This is what I call "economy tactics" :p

This is the road to my brother's house. His house is on the right side. The flood reached until the adult thighs.

He wanted to have fun with what the flood could offer him.

Spontaneous pool, lol.

Friday, January 24, 2014

[Quote] too much.

What I have learn
What I have [not] pass

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

[Writing] Morning, rain...

Morning rain, morning people... Assalamu'alaikum ^^

To those who are being suffered by the flood all around this lovely country... Be patient and strong, ok? Rainbow will come after storm attacks us, I do believe in that sentence - literally or metaphorically.

I just concern with one thing, please please please... From now on, let's not being so ignorant about the daily trash we throw. Just don't throw them carelessly - moreover in the river and gutter. We know now that nature never lies. We'll harvest what we've planted, and now we're harvesting it through flood. Feels shitty, right? That's why I feel like punching one's face every time I see her/him throwing garbage at any place but trash can. I'd better put the trash in my bag temporarily if I don't see any trash can nearby then to throw them carelessly, seriously. Do not act like uneducated person, hey capital residents.

Btw I just arrived at work, Alhamdulillah safe and sound and still waiting my hubby to text me if he arrives at his office too. Feeling so hungry & cold, let's have a (late) breakfast & listen to the soothing playlist, shall we? ;)

Ketupat sayur, anyone? ;)

My playlist this morning


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[Writing] Shown.

It's one of those times when she thinks she has thoroughly comprehend "the said and the done" one has shown her for the past recent days till one time, all the supposedly-no-longer-need-to-be-questioned things suddenly burst out before her eyes, before she was ready. Her dry suits are wet again. The dry marks re-came in absolute obvious tangible form. Didn't even able to steal a bit time to cover them up and still showed the dashing look along with a white expressionless mask.

The flaws are (finally) seen. As real as they seem. Can't she just step back, turn around and go effortlessly without being disturbed by the sound that keeps ringing in her head telling things, bad things then leave like dust on the windy road?

She doesn't deserve all this, if not by fate.
As courage has been forced to stand up in the first row, struggling toward someone or something so meaningful.
She doesn't deserve this, if not by need.
It's now or never, the answer has to be found. Oath has to be claimed.
She doesn't deserve this.
She deserves more... than this.

Most likely.


While listening: Pilgrimage - NIN

Friday, January 10, 2014

[Writing] Maybe, perhaps is possible.

If possible, I would embroider these words so that none would be missed when being said.
And perhaps, glue them a bit just to make sure they won't escape from the series of words I have arranged.
Or maybe, silence is the loudest words spoken... So I don't have to quote or make up any story I could catch within this indefinite mind.

Yet, how possible is maybe than is perhaps?


Wednesday, January 08, 2014

[Writing] Forget to usually love the rain.

Assalamu'alaikum wet people in the morning :p

Unlike other mornings, this morning's rain cheered me up with full hope, seizing something I even haven't fully picture it in my head but somehow relieving. Last night I sat in the balcony of my house, staring at the shy raindrops while rhyming the sound of them with some slow tunes I was playing in my Blackberry device. Was thinking some random things, then turned out realizing it's been a while since I got so moved by the rain and sincerely be amazed by it. How the rain usually brought hopes for me through my downfall, though they were only empty cachets. At least I survived from that, and found my way back to move on.

Have I lost that sensation?

Oh, what a big loss =(


PS: While listening to The Corrs - All The Love In The World. Always cry listening to this one. all, ways...

Monday, January 06, 2014

[Writing] Mind battle.

It's distressing to have your mind battles with its own thoughts. It's really power-consuming having an endless mind monologue, when all you really need is a good slumber. Restless is all that's felt. Eyes have closed and the body's system has turned off. Yet, what lies inside the head keeps working like a slave - creating new thoughts that don't help you in recycling insanity in the night. You feel like tapping own forehead as if the brain sensed some protest there and stopped messing around, inside.

When what you seek at night is peace, mind battle never comes as solution ~ neither valium.

Nor keep being awake.

Not a way nor an answer, but let the mind keeps battling within your tiring slumber, till it grows tired and stops by its own. Perhaps when the sun finally rises, you'll have peace in between lights, traffic... and workload.

When finally it gets to 'where'. There, it has finally belonged.


Thursday, January 02, 2014

[Writing] What is up?


Writing again in here feels like coming back to a place called "home" and finding out there are thousands of things need to be cleaned up. This place has been abandoned for quite a time. Having my own real life with family, work & others makes me... well, forget this place I once always laid my teen-type of emotions with all those lame chaotic love and hate stories of my life. It is true, they say... That people can be so creative when they get hurt / wounded by those they care about. But once they're happy (Let's say in my case of happiness - get married, have a son & run a small warm family), the creativity just blows away like a candle that's been blown off by the wind. It seriously is, if you haven't married yet you might not feel what I just wrote.

But anyway, I feel nothing but a huge missing to this lovely page of mine so I decided to write a bit in here. Nothing to write, perhaps just some updates of my life,

Starting from my pregnancy.

In my previous blog post, I proudly informed you readers that I was positively pregnant. Yep! This is my second pregnancy, can't be more excited fo-sho and now it's entering 21st week. Actually the obgyn already has a huge hint on what sex my future child will have, but let's not so keen about it just yet. What matters now is that this womb is always safe and sound, healthy & well-protected. But I must say the truth... My first child is a "he". So, it's not so hard for you to guess what sex I'm hoping my second child to have? LOL. Yes, that's it. Let's pray to Allah, shall we?

AAMIIN...!! :D

Me & Hubby @ Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia - Epicentrum Walk, Dec 1st 2013

So what about it, what about my second pregnancy? I believe in the saying that every pregnancy that every mother has is unique. They have their own stories about their pregnancy stages. It is why many mothers sometimes miss the feeling of being pregnant - incl. me. I must say my second pregnancy has been... if I can't say harder, I'd say say chaotic! Hehehe... Yes, chaotic is the best word to describe it. Starting the first week I found out that I was preggo from the pregnancy test, I was quite sure that my mind impulsion to feel the nausea took part a bit. The nausea attacked me almost all day long & I felt this stomach-ache like I wanted to poop more than 3 times per/day. Wow! Never felt this in my first pregnancy, so I got shocked a bit. Always got rest on weekend. Almost had no time socializing or doing my tasks in several movements I'm joining in or even taking my family out just to have dinner / play at the play park. Always played dead on Sat and Sun. I even had this symptom called a "heart burn", a burning sensation from my throat down to my heart then to my gastric every time I drink or eat. It happened due to the high frequency of vomiting so the gastric acid came out along with the vomits. Ladies and gents, it happened until the week 16 and it felt like shit. Period.

Okay now, let's continue with other things.

Work runs well, friendship runs normal - No psychopath attack so far, LOL. What was interesting is probably about my handsome lil Ville Valo-ish son named Rayyan :D He has been circumcised! Yeaaay, finally! Alhamdulillah it ran well from the medical action till the recovery time. He was circumcised on Dec 16th after his final semester test in his school. Actually I was worried to death about how he could face the circumcision - which is undoubtedly very painful after the anesthetic effect has gone. But he once again surprised us - the parents - about how well he could manage his fear over circumcision and the pain. I didn't expect an understandable & pain-proof kinda son either. Moreover, he's still 3. But he managed it pretty well. Being spoiled for a week after the medical action, but then he got back pretty fast when the klamp has been removed from his penis 5 days post-circumcision. Anyway, after in-depth research about the best method, I & hubby decided that he would be circumcised with a smart klamp method. It's a new method that is popular recently, because it doesn't produce much blood and for me the process looked pretty humane! LOL... Well, don't blame a mother for being too worried about their treasure named kids, just don't! :D

Rayyan post-circumcision. Langsung pake celana & memang disarankan begitu. Congrats kiddo :-*

Why did Rayyan circumcised in such a very young age? Yes, we do have reasons for what we've done. It's because Rayyan's penis was having a 'situation' called Phimosis. You might wanna check out what it means on Wiki / Google. But in short, phimosis is a congenital narrowing of the opening of the foreskin so that it cannot be retracted. The effect of ignoring a Phimosis'd penis is an inflammation inside it coz the impurities from the urine settle in and can't be taken out due to the congenital narrowing. So circumcision is the only way out. Thank Allah it's over now. And as much as how funny it might sound to you, now my son has the cutest well-shaped penis ever! Hahahahahaha... Good job anyway, kiddo. Momma's proud of ya ;)

How about the 2 movements I'm joining in since 2 years ago, which are #IndonesiaTanpaJIL and @MariBerhijab?

Still running, Alhamdulillah. Both movements are doing internal committee recasting recently. Due to my pregnancy, my work load, my duty in family & my band - which is now on process of making our 3rd album - I decided to not to be too actively involved in movement programs that require field works. I'll let the tasks to the younger, more vibrant troops to handle it. Working behind the scene is prolly better now, I know my limit ;) The last program that I did with #IndonesiaTanpaJIL was a talkshow about gender & equality in Islam by @HijaberTanpaJIL - a muslimah movement under the name of ITJ. Hopefully those 2 movements can maintain a long lasting existence among the muslim people. More muslims are enlightened by Islam, that's still be our goal. Bismillah :)

Committee of Gender Talk Event held by @HijaberTanpaJIL with Mahdavi - Novelist. Coffee Inst, Dec 15th

What else? Oh yeah, about 3 weeks ago I received an award for my 5 years of service to the company I'm working in, Bakrie & Brothers. Alhamdulillah... Actually I should've received the award on January 2012 but there was no award event held last year, so I just received it this year. This month, January 7th, will be my 7th year of working here. Wow, time flies isn't it? Is now the right time for me to "get out of the nest and spread my wings wider"? We'll see ^___^

Me with the award (Pregnancy: 18 weeks)

The last exciting thing I want to share is that me & hubby have our own new "hobby" now, hopefully a profitable hobby (Aamiin...). His new hobby is photography. I'm so proud to see how fast he learns it. It's been his desire deep down inside, I knew it. He's gifted to that. Though I was the one who bought the SLR camera, but he's the one who learns it seriously and takes care of the camera, LOL. Me? Well, my new hobby is still related to the photography world too - a bit. Just wait, prolly will post it in here someday if I have the gut, hehehe...

Some of his works :)

Gotta back to work. You have a nice day aight? I'm out!