Monday, January 06, 2014

[Writing] Mind battle.

It's distressing to have your mind battles with its own thoughts. It's really power-consuming having an endless mind monologue, when all you really need is a good slumber. Restless is all that's felt. Eyes have closed and the body's system has turned off. Yet, what lies inside the head keeps working like a slave - creating new thoughts that don't help you in recycling insanity in the night. You feel like tapping own forehead as if the brain sensed some protest there and stopped messing around, inside.

When what you seek at night is peace, mind battle never comes as solution ~ neither valium.

Nor keep being awake.

Not a way nor an answer, but let the mind keeps battling within your tiring slumber, till it grows tired and stops by its own. Perhaps when the sun finally rises, you'll have peace in between lights, traffic... and workload.

When finally it gets to 'where'. There, it has finally belonged.


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