Saturday, July 18, 2009

Head piece of one of the suicide bombers.

The newest news I read from Please open this site.

Pleeease, why don't just throw this filthy head piece to the starving police dogs?! I really HATE them, the suicide bombers. I'm this close to meet Ryan Giggs, man.. THIS CLOSE!!! And they ruin it all... I condemn the bombers to their last heirs and heiresses. Allah would never receive superficial heart like them.

May your soul rest (not) in peace, bombers. Selamat bertemu dengan Imam Samudera CS....

Di neraka.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cerita Si Congor.

Cerita sang Congor


Sebenarnya si Congor adalah wanita yang sangat cantik. Sebenarnya si Congor adalah wanita yang sangat menarik. Namun dia ber Congor.


Mungkin kalau dia ditanya, hal apa yang paling dia kuasai, dia akan dengan gamblang menyatakan semua hal dari A-Z.. Apapun selain merujuk kepada Congor -nya. Namun tetap saja, dia akan menjelaskan semuanya dengan panjang lebar menggunakan Congor-nya. Segala sesuatu yang paling menonjol dari apa yang terlihat pada dirinya.


Lebih sering berdusta dari pada berkata apa adanya. Lebih sering melihat apa yang ingin dia lihat daripada menerima kenyataan yang tidak sesuai dengan nafsu perangnya, terutama dengan nafsu Congor-nya yang sudah sangat tidak sabar ingin menyebarkan fitnah pedas panas ke semua telinga yang sanggup menampung lahar Congor-nya.


Ingatlah, one day di alam baka, senjata utamamu itu akan di tutup se erat-eratnya. Bahkan kekuatan maha dasyat si Congor dalam menyebarkan sampah-sampah pelipiran ke segala jurusan pun tidak akan mampu dan daya untuk membuka sekat pengerat kedua batas bibir yang merah merekah itu. Ingatlah, bahwa walaupun telinga, mata, hati, tangan dan kakiku tidak berCongor di dunia, mereka akan berlomba berkata bersaksi atas senjata Congor yang kamu gunakan di ke fanaan.

Cukup saja si Congor membabi buta di dunia, nanti… tinggal akhirat yang menyudahi kelakarnya

Si Congor pun


Meregang nyawa.

~ G ~

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweet Nightmare.

My body was half solid

My breath was all toxic

This lying-under-surface beauty was forsaken

Appeared as if all were brusquely taken

I kept questioning myself

To the dark sky, to the blind wind

To the colorless rain with unbearable pain

To the smirking spy, with dreadful pale skin

Still, the answer was buried under my contra prediction

I could only make the unfinished conclusion

While she, standing on the breeze of the icy rooftop

Was coming closer, with pointing finger

The sound in my head was yelling some misspell words

Couldn’t help it was just make things get worse

My feet were as heavy as they were stuck

The remaining voice sounded afar

Had to go and leave

Must not see

I bended not to the creepy lady

But there... she was finally here

Beaming as it wanted to say that this is my end

Yet here… I was staring there

Hoping for a way out the same time with hoping there will be something happen

Would I wait for her to strake me first?

Or would I not?

Fear had taken me, it made me blacked out

And for the sake of my sacred dried tears, I opened my eyes

I saw red, I saw eyes and I saw blood in my grasp

I saw you, lying there with no life

As I finally came back to the earth, grasping for more air

To be able to slowly pervade really

I knew you…I knew you...

I knew you…

PS: Based on my sweet nightmare couple days ago.

Pic By: DeviantArt

~ G ~

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Agonist - Lullabies For The Dormant Mind [2009].

Lullabies for the Dormant Mind is the sophomore release from Century Media metalcore band The Agonist. It’s quite clear from their sound that they hail from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Okay, frankly I listen more of Hardcore than Metalcore, and I have no idea of noticeable Metalcore bands abroad. Till one day I was introduced to this band led by a woman. Lullabies for the Dormant Mind, the album called. It is released early this year and is the second album of this Canadian Metalcore band.

The vocalist, Miss Alyssa White-Gluz... hmm, okay she’s pretty, hot and she can sing. A rare combination we can find. Down to their music, well... I really can’t say whether those are good metalcore songs or not, but I think the songs themselves sound quite interesting and impressive. I rarely found a chick who can sing and growl, and both are done quite well. Referring to some album reviews I read in webs, I found this album has nothing new to offer. Based on some opinions, the previous album Once Only Imagine [2007] is even worse quality than this one. And really, I don’t know in what side they think this album is straightly average because for me this album is okay. Aside from reality that I’m quite impress to find such vocal type.

One of opinions that smashes this album the hardest is from this site that says,

“After Only Once Imagined I did not have very high hopes for this band. They were boring and unoriginal metalcore and had very one-dimensional vocals. The only appeal was that the singer was a chick and a hot one at that (still the only reason I think Lacuna Coil has fans). As you can imagine, a fiery personality such as Alyssa would want to avoid this, and make sure that people know she has chops. She made herself quite clear throughout Lullabies for the Dormant Mind, and brought more of an arsenal than last time. Many of the songs are more progressive death metal, and black metal sounding than the tired metalcore sound they had last time. This is not, however, to say that the approach they have taken has changed all that much. It is still quite clearly the same band.”

But well, your opinion might different or extremely the opposite one, depends on how you see or value Metalcore music. I’m on the grey area, I see this album is okay, I see the music quality is average, and I see the vocalist is quite promising. But if someone asked me whether I fancy this album or not, I would say that even Scabbia isn’t able to growl, but at least she can write lyrics that stab, something that Miss Gluz has failed to do it, here in this album.

~ G ~

Friday, July 03, 2009

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Been completely bored with routine, I definitely think that this movie is the best solution I could offer you for refreshing your stressing mind [besides Transformer, of course]. So last night, I and my husband were planning to watch Transformer in 21 Setiabudi after office hour [eversince Die has divided his heart to me with Megan Fox. Though yes, I admit that Megan Fox is the new Jolie’s promising competitor... sighs]. But apparently the ticket were sold out, so we decided to watch Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Hmmm... okay, this is not a joke and I’m not playing around with you. But I really suggest that you should bring enough water and maybe some mint candies to prevent your throat from being ache. Coz yes, that movie is completely mental! In the first five minutes I’ve had been laughing my ass off becoz of it. And that happened until the movie’s done! All appear in this movie is straightly a belly spinner... nuff said, I’m highly recommending you to watch this one.

For reading the synopsis, please click this site, and for the thriller, click this one.

Enjoy watching, be ready to get your ass kicked :D