Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This and that.

Salam 'alaikum peeps!

I wanna share you some news about this and about that.
I just added 2 cover songs again to my purevolume page. Please kindly hear them and I hope you like it. Again, pardon me for the bad sound because I (still) don't afford to buy a proper mic (yayayaya...), LOL. I think I seriously need to buy one, regarding that I'll have another music project with my hubby.

See that? That!
Yeap! This is my pic several months ago. One of my fave portrait pics. Then Dinni edited it again, and voilaa!

She's damn talented I envy her much! This pic raises my spirit to do the photo editing again. I feel like I've been left too far by Dinni, or my hubby or Ernest in doing photo-editing. The last photo editing I did was this.

Seriously. I need to buy an external HD so I still can edit more photos again. I'm motivated :)


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

COB's new tees. Luuuurve!

I love love luuuurve this new COB tees my hubby just bought. Yes, we often exchange metal tees because we have same size, LOL.


Friday, January 20, 2012

A lil bit higher than the ground


That's my long-lasting impression when arrived at my office's rooftop last evening with Ria (@vonlexus). At first it was my boss who wanted to go up there taking sunset pictures with his Canon. When I told him I was about going there too last week but the rain made us cancel the plan, he then asked me to join. I then ask Pak Harris (our photographer this time, LOL) and Ria to join. Ria then asked her boss to join. So there were 5 of us :)

We couldn't help sighing in amazement everytime we take a faraway look at the paint-like scenery in front of us. I repeatedly murmuring "Subhanallah...", Allah really spoiled our eyes yesterday.

And of course, we never skipped the most important part of this unplanned joyment; memorize them to a JPG format as below ;)

PS: You can see the complete pic in my FB album :)


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

make-up manipulation

This morning I opened facebook and got a surprise from my online babe, Dinni. She uploaded my pic which has been edited by her magic hands with Photoshop. And oh I loove it so much! Thank you, dear beautiful talented sister :-*

PS: You can also see the pic in this link and please "like" the pic to help Dinni winning the smudge painting contest. Go Sistah! ^^


Friday, January 13, 2012

Colorful as we are!

When uploading these pics, I still feel like laughing hard, recalling how craaazeeeh we were yesterday evening. I was planning on this "photo shoot" early this week with Ria. From the dress code, the photographer till the spot. Actually we weren't going to have the photoshoot at Epiwalk, we were planning at somewhere nicer (much much nicer!), but then the rain started to pour down to the earth so we had to change the venue (with a very very heavy heart!). But no worries, next photoshoot will be in that place. Still a secret. Just wait LOL.

So guys, here are my babes at the office. Cool? Crazy? Sweet? Your call ;)


(Left to right) Monica, Vera, Putri, Nita, Ria, Iwed & Nana

Ma kreeeezi beeeebs ^^

I luuuurve this pic

At the unfinished monorail (Epiwalk)

Comical faces (Ria & Iwed)

Love this pic too :)

The girls @ Rasuna Epicentrum

Our silhouettes (my fave!)

With Ria (@vonlexus)

Nana, Nita & Putri

The Red Girl Iwed (@lustfordeath)

The Purple Girl Putri (@nadiaLputri)

The Pink Girl Monica (@monichirota)

The Blue Girl Nana (@nanumanis)

The Orange Girl Ria

Muke ke-gep satpol PP, LOL

My expression is oh-so-bitchy! >__<

At Rasuna Epicentrum, in front of Epiwalk

"I forgive you, my child" :D

Background: Bakrie Tower, my office