Friday, January 20, 2012

A lil bit higher than the ground


That's my long-lasting impression when arrived at my office's rooftop last evening with Ria (@vonlexus). At first it was my boss who wanted to go up there taking sunset pictures with his Canon. When I told him I was about going there too last week but the rain made us cancel the plan, he then asked me to join. I then ask Pak Harris (our photographer this time, LOL) and Ria to join. Ria then asked her boss to join. So there were 5 of us :)

We couldn't help sighing in amazement everytime we take a faraway look at the paint-like scenery in front of us. I repeatedly murmuring "Subhanallah...", Allah really spoiled our eyes yesterday.

And of course, we never skipped the most important part of this unplanned joyment; memorize them to a JPG format as below ;)

PS: You can see the complete pic in my FB album :)


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