Tuesday, October 30, 2007


With her mouth locked, with her eyes closed

Neither lies nor truths could be known

When she blindly searching where her heart might be

Her body starts to limping, broken into pieces

She is the incompletely soul

Dying and accompanied by a creepy doll

She saw the light among the dark

The dark is the shade

The shade is a deceiver

A grimy haunting death reaper

Hopes to find another ways out

That she found many roads have been blocked

O justice, how can she sue her destiny?

No thing called God in her, but only a faith

A dead faith she considers as alive and sparkling

She went home empty-handed

Made no choice from options-offered

She found emptiness, she got back her consciousness

Her life has been a total fake

She got n.o.t.h.i.n.g to take, nothing has been made

She screams in a sacred silence

Makes a monstrous voice from her injured throat

She’s slowly turning to a deaf

And going to be a broken-winged half-life senseless angel

The people’s everything

Who gets ______________


PS: I’m sorry… I wish I never have to chose


Sometimes, I hate growing up…


Distance Sucks!

Distance sucks… Distance sucks

Some get succeed…

Some get through it

But me?


I feel it…

Like puke from my mouth

Like an ache in my tumm-tumm

Like sh!t from my as*hole

Then I keep singing

Distance sucks… Distance sucks… Distance s.u.c.k.s!!!