Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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Felt like standing in the midst of a misty cold empty room that has no doors with one bullet left in my gun where all directions were unclear I could only see the infinite white vision in definite blur. One mistake and I wouldn’t get even a small chance to change. This condition shut my mind it freaked the crap out of me. I tried to scream but the air seemed to consume it all and what was left is only a gloomy hissing, weakening.

As much as I know someone would’ve saved me from this unwanted horror and told me that everything’s gonna be fine. Yet, as much as I realized no one was coming. A savior was only in mind, diminishing in my reach and gone by the glimpse. Reality occurred not only with pain but also with confusion. They came from nowhere and without revelation, ready to strike me down.

Ready to embrace my downfall…

I was still standing here, in the midst of a misty cold empty room with no doors in it. People had all options and they still whine, while I had the vice versa. At times nothing like this, it is nice to not having the obligation to choose. It is nice to just stick around and stay until we fade away.

But that’s not a life I signed for. A life without options isn’t a life, at all…

I'd rather pull the gun to my own fucking head instead.

(the end)


Monday, February 27, 2012

Evanescence Jakarta Concert (02/25/12)

Get ready for Evanescence!
Get ready for Evanescence!
My make up that day to the concert ;)
Get ready for Evanescence!
With Manda @ndha_andha
With Manda
Hubby, Popow & Atita. The Chefs without "Celemek", lol

Front gate

Iwed, Manda & Very

Iwed, Manda & Very

My Kriwil

Ready to ROCK!
Going inside
Narsis dulu deh :P


Queuing for Fes. A & VIP ticketers

Mulai Kajol

In front of the main gate

Run! We have to get to the front row!

With Mistri () from "Flag of Hate"

With Mistri & her friends

Manda's Evanescence tees

Yess! They're starting!!


Amy Lee is so gorgeous!

With hubby

Amy & her grand piano *drooling*

after show narcissism

after show narcissism

after show narcissism

Me, Santi & Ivan (Inner Beauty) & Die
Me, Santi & Ivan (Inner Beauty) & Die

Gothic girls ;)

Iwed & Santi

Die & Ivan

With Ajeng @upilkelabu

In front of the wide screen
With my ex-boyfriend :P

Retarded faces

Hi sistah! lol

Manda & fake Amy :D

Thank you for the unforgettable night, Evanescence. Time to go home now!



Call me a subjective bitch, I don't care. *evil girns*

But their performance were outstanding! 10 years waiting is a long time, ladies & gents.

And now, having the chance to see them LIVE is something I won't forget for the rest of my short life!

They brought 16 songs. The lighting was amazing & so "Amy Lee" dominated by purple, deep blue, maroon & silver lights. Their stamina were amazing, esp. Amy Lee. I almost thought she could sing all day without resting. Her power is getting better each day *oh puh-leease teach me, sistah!*

I got multiple eargasm & eyesgasm. Fresh to see and to hear.

I love Evanescence. I love Amy Lee.

And if you don't... The fuck I care, lol.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Fauzi Baadila for #IndonesiaTanpaJIL

If there is one organization that I hate so much the hatred feels like drifting through my veins... That would be JIL (Jaringan Islam Liberal, or should I change "Jaringan Iblis Laknatullah"?). Bunch of people who claim themselves as Muslims but promulgating a very very dangerous cult to the society, raping verses of the Holy Qur'an and changing them into another irrational version of themselves.

They speak in the name of "Peace" yet they remain "judgmental" to the Haq of Islam. They say women with hijab are stupid, because hijab is an occasional wear (only for pray & reading Qur'an >> according to them). But the worst is how Ulil (one of the founders) ever twitted that it is necessary to reconsider The Prophet Muhammad SAW as the last prophet we Muslims have, regarding some I-don't-know-what situation he was saying at that time. This JIL thing is really getting on my nerves.

And Alhamdulillah, it's not only me who wants JIL to be cut off. Now at Twitter, people been hastagging "#IndonesiaTanpaJIL" to speak their desire... Our desire to get rid of that cult forever from Indonesia. We're growing, blossoming and getting bigger each day (Alhamdulillah ya Allah... Help us through the way, please). We are not just twitting, true actions will be taken soon. If we don't act now, I can't seem to picture how my children & grandchild will live their lives under those dangerous stigma. Bismillah, prays will always loudly and discreetly spoken from our mouths.

If you feel like you have the same will, don't hesitate to twit with the hastag #IndonesiaTanpaJIL... It's for the better future, Inshallah ;)

Question: No big media has the gut to expose this new phenomenon, eh? Figures. Their balls being pressed up in those politicians' tinkling pocket I assume?


My Artwork today for the facebook page #IndonesiaTanpaJIL

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mint choco

(unbranded pashmina, Lady Mosh Invaders top, unbranded manset, Buccheri sandals)

Have a fine breezy morning, everyone! ^^


Edited: Iwed using Photoshop CS3

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another hijab tutorial using a square hijab

Salam dearest ladies,

My old friend Dina asked me to make another tutorial with a square hijab after she saw my new picture wearing a square hijab with a new style. I just had a spare time this evening so I fulfilled her request (afterall, this style is so easy it just gonna take not more than 3 minutes to do so). I hope this tutorial isn't gonna useful for her only for all of you hijabi as well.

Enjoy ;)


Friday, February 17, 2012

Forza Milan Per Sempre!!

Thank you Ibrahimovic, Boateng & Robinho...
Thank you for the sweetest gift this week
Thank you for the 4 beautiful goals
Thank you, my forever soccer team

Milan siamo noi... Milan siamo noi... Milan siamo noi... Solo noi!!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Inspired by.

I did a little bit experiment with my make-up today. I put a light blue shadow below my eyes. Actually I was inspired by the gorgeous Amy Lee in her music video "Going Under", only I put a 'cheerful' nuance rather than gothic (because yes, I'm wearing pink today, a real fucking PINK! Hahaha... LOL).