Monday, February 06, 2012

Sushi tiiime!

Salaaaam! ^^

Yesterday my hubby wanted me to treat him sushi at Sushi Tei (because I just received my leave funds from my office). So we went to Sushi Tei MKG 5 with Little Rayyan. We ate a lot! LOL. But we pulled over the Al-Musyawarah Masjid first to have Maghrib pray.

It was a blasting family time. Now I'm missing my son already *sighs*

Enjoy the video and (lots of) pics taken yesterday ;)


Where's my dad?

Mom! I look cool, aight?

Mom look! There's a plane!

"Dadahh awaaat (pesawat)"

"Mom I wanna go up there!"

Dilirik cowo ganteng *blushing*

With Pa

With Ma

"Maaah, gendooong!"

Eating sushi ^^

"Kok lasanya aneh yaaa?"

"Acu mau esklim aja deh maaa"

Big bite!

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