Monday, February 27, 2012

Evanescence Jakarta Concert (02/25/12)

Get ready for Evanescence!
Get ready for Evanescence!
My make up that day to the concert ;)
Get ready for Evanescence!
With Manda @ndha_andha
With Manda
Hubby, Popow & Atita. The Chefs without "Celemek", lol

Front gate

Iwed, Manda & Very

Iwed, Manda & Very

My Kriwil

Ready to ROCK!
Going inside
Narsis dulu deh :P


Queuing for Fes. A & VIP ticketers

Mulai Kajol

In front of the main gate

Run! We have to get to the front row!

With Mistri () from "Flag of Hate"

With Mistri & her friends

Manda's Evanescence tees

Yess! They're starting!!


Amy Lee is so gorgeous!

With hubby

Amy & her grand piano *drooling*

after show narcissism

after show narcissism

after show narcissism

Me, Santi & Ivan (Inner Beauty) & Die
Me, Santi & Ivan (Inner Beauty) & Die

Gothic girls ;)

Iwed & Santi

Die & Ivan

With Ajeng @upilkelabu

In front of the wide screen
With my ex-boyfriend :P

Retarded faces

Hi sistah! lol

Manda & fake Amy :D

Thank you for the unforgettable night, Evanescence. Time to go home now!



Call me a subjective bitch, I don't care. *evil girns*

But their performance were outstanding! 10 years waiting is a long time, ladies & gents.

And now, having the chance to see them LIVE is something I won't forget for the rest of my short life!

They brought 16 songs. The lighting was amazing & so "Amy Lee" dominated by purple, deep blue, maroon & silver lights. Their stamina were amazing, esp. Amy Lee. I almost thought she could sing all day without resting. Her power is getting better each day *oh puh-leease teach me, sistah!*

I got multiple eargasm & eyesgasm. Fresh to see and to hear.

I love Evanescence. I love Amy Lee.

And if you don't... The fuck I care, lol.



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