Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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Felt like standing in the midst of a misty cold empty room that has no doors with one bullet left in my gun where all directions were unclear I could only see the infinite white vision in definite blur. One mistake and I wouldn’t get even a small chance to change. This condition shut my mind it freaked the crap out of me. I tried to scream but the air seemed to consume it all and what was left is only a gloomy hissing, weakening.

As much as I know someone would’ve saved me from this unwanted horror and told me that everything’s gonna be fine. Yet, as much as I realized no one was coming. A savior was only in mind, diminishing in my reach and gone by the glimpse. Reality occurred not only with pain but also with confusion. They came from nowhere and without revelation, ready to strike me down.

Ready to embrace my downfall…

I was still standing here, in the midst of a misty cold empty room with no doors in it. People had all options and they still whine, while I had the vice versa. At times nothing like this, it is nice to not having the obligation to choose. It is nice to just stick around and stay until we fade away.

But that’s not a life I signed for. A life without options isn’t a life, at all…

I'd rather pull the gun to my own fucking head instead.

(the end)


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