Thursday, February 28, 2013

[Event] @mariberhijab Inspiring Beauty!

Salam 'alaikum Ukhtii ^^

Another event will be held by Mari Berhijab Community. It's "Mari Berhijab Inspiring Beauty"! It is a beauty class presented by Wardah Cosmetics and also a hijab class / hijab tutorial by Puput Utami.

The event will be held on March 10th 2013 on Wardah Office. This beauty class is sponsored by Wardah Cosmetics, MISLA, ShabbyShabia, Zirraa, Kara & Ranna.

For you who want to join the event, simply email your bio [Name, address, email & phone number] to with a subject "Pendaftaran Beauty Class". Or follow their Twitter @mariberhijab.

Map to the location

Let's join! Let's be beautiful by being syar'i ^___^


Monday, February 25, 2013

[Music] My cover songs.

I forgot to post some of my cover songs here! How could I? LOL
Here they are. From 30 Seconds To Mars, No Doubt and Tori Amos.
Oh yeah I also make a cover song duet with my friend Ira. Please hear it here.
All my cover songs are also in my Soundcloud page ;)

Have a nice Monday, lovebugs


Monday, February 11, 2013

[Event] Milan Glorie!!

Salam 'alaikum!

#ForzaMilan !!

Who came yesterday to GBK? If yes, then we were screaming the same yells, hehehe... It's been a forever waiting but it's soo worth it! Finally a team I love since I was still 5 years old was coming yesterday. I can't express how I felt... Mostly when watching these Milan legends on the soccer field. Gosh! I really saw Andriy Shevchenko LIVE, dude... LIVE!! And I even got the chance to see him striking a score for Milan. This is like a dream... I've been so crazy about Sheva. Call me crazy but I don't fakking care! :D

I hope they will come to Indonesia again next year... I will bring my family with me, even though my hubby doesn't like football, LOL.

Forza Milan!! Milan Per Sempre!!


[Publication] @mariberhijab has been featured!

Salam 'alaikum ukhti,

Relating to Mari Berhijab first event, below are some pics of its publication on newspaper - Republika. Alhamdulillaah... I do hope this can inspire all Muslimah out there to start covering their aurah.

"Hijab is not an oppression. Hijab is a freedom" - Me


Mari Berhijab Event on Republika, January 25th 2013

Ola, Mari Berhijab founder on Republika, February 1st 2013

Mari Berhijab on Republika, February 5th 2013

[Movement] @mariberhijab 's 5th meeting

Salam 'alaikum,

Last Saturday, Mari Berhijab held itd fifth meeting in Urban Kitchen, Senayan City. Why meeting, meeting and meeting?


We're having another event coming up!! Yeaaaaayy...!

Yeps! Mari Berhijab is preparing another event in the end of this month. It's related to our face and our style. Those are the hints! LOL. I bet you can accurately guess what it is... :P

So, keep checking Mari Berhijab Twitter & Wordpress to know more about it, because the seat is limited.

See you soon ukhti ;)


PS: Pics are taken from Mala's & Ola's camera

Where I was? I was late, LOL

Me with Ola

Ola & Karin

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

[Movement] @mariberhijab 's first event!

Salam 'alaikum dearies...

As I promised, will post some event report about Mari Berhijab's first event titled "Grand Launching & Silaturahim Mari Berhijab" that was held on Jan 20, 2013 at Masjid Al-Bakrie, Kuningan Jakarta. I will put some links related to the report. Please click below links:

# link
# link
# link
# link

And below are some added pics from my camera, Mala's and Ola's. Enjoy :)


Ryza came representing @HijaberTanpaJIL \(^___^)/

Ryza & Hestia from @HijaberTanpaJIL with my son :P

Ola, founder of Mari Berhijab Movement

Mari Berhijab Committees [minus Indah & Lala]

Ready to give a happy birthday greeting to another movement. What's the movement name? Shh.. Still a secret :P

A testimonial given by one of the attendees, Nabila. Thank you dear :)

Giving birthday greeting

The registration table

Me as the moderator for the Hijab Sharing session with Bunda Astri Ivo & Amam Suci Utami

Goodie bags from Delisha Hijab - as one of the media partners

Goodie bags from our gold sponsor - Wardah Beauty :)

Our guest stars that day :)

Introduction session of MB's committees

[Left-right] Lala, Mala & Mba Yunie

Hijab tutorial by Suci

It's a wraaap!

Opening speech by Ola

The lucky 3 questioners who got goodie bag from KARA

Rissa [Attendee] and Romiy [Representing Hijabers Community]

Bunda Astri Ivo giving her testimonial about our event