Thursday, August 27, 2009

Double strips.

I never know how it feels to know at one second that a small long piece of paper could tell you the news of the world, until last night.

I was shaking... My hands were shaking... My eyes got teary and suddenly everything is not important but this thing, this small long piece of paper had stolen my world.

It tells everything, everything I wanna know, everything I would die to know. Everything I've been waiting for the sake of my marriage and for the sake of my life.

That for the first time...

This double strips had made me lose my breath and repeatedly say "Alhamdulillah"




I think I'm going to have a baby...

~ G ~

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm the last one standing.

I'm doing flashback in Myspace now. Opening people's Myspaces, from friends to foes, reading their comments and blogs. Until I got stuck in one interested (should admit that) entry, titled, "Kamu cantik, kenapa mengangkang?"

Hahahaha, really.. I'm shaking reading this one entry. Back then, I was shaking for the sake of anger and angst for knowing someone talking shit about me like she knows me the deepest (sorry my dear, maybe deep down inside, you really want to be someone that special in my life... keep dreaming on, perhaps one day you will... if we meet in hell.. perhaps).

But now I'm still shaking when reading this.. shaking for the sake of fun. lol... yeah, I'm reading a journal about me in an extremely negative way with laughter. Well, at least behind those pimped-out boobs, she got writing talents (khas pelipiran).

Please take a look at this photo, I'm sure you ever saw this one outside my own Myspace. Perhaps you ever saw this one in someone's blog.

Something you have to see beyond those eyes and smile...

Yeps, a picture of me that she uploaded in her insulting blog (thanks, my dear.. you know I love this pic the most). fyi, she copied the pic without my permission. As she is a journalist (as far as I know), copying someone's property without permission means a crime. And hmm, let me see... As far as I concern, a crime worth a punishment.

But well, on second thought I don't have to waste my precious time suing her... As I believe that she already realized her (lots of) mistakes, even if she denies them as hell.. She is receiving the payback, undirectly. Coz to pay someone back, you don't have to get your hand dirt, coz Karma does exist (right sist?).

"Thousand useless words don't mean a thing. Coz what matters is who will be the last one laughing here"

~ Iwed whom she said "Pelacur" in her blog. FYI, my name is Iwed, you bitch ~