Monday, June 25, 2012

[Event] A friend's wedding party

Salam 'alaikum all

Frankly speaking, I'm not a wedding party junkie. Really, I hate going to a wedding party. Not that I don't want to celebrate my friend's happiness in his/her big day, but I'd rather go to a simple, sacred wedding syukuran than a big wedding party at a fancy building, full of starving unmannered people scrambling for foods like they haven't eaten for months!

Tarzan & friends inside a fancy modern building. That's what I call the wedding invitees who took all the food without blinking. And yes I hate it. I hate it that they prefer to collect as much food as their tummies can afford rather than sending a sincere pray for the newlywed. They'd rather commenting about the taste of the food / the makeup of the bride rather than mingling with friends & colleagues & have other nice conversation than just a makeup / food.

Skeptical. Yes I am. Proudly :D

But anyway. Yesterday is one of my closest colleagues - Dini [@difara5] - who was having her wedding party at Auditorium Kementrian Pertanian, South Jakarta. After been missing the previous two / three wedding parties of my other colleagues couple months ago, I finally decided to go to her party. Met many colleagues, ate some food *without cutting the queue like other fat-collector mommas who often did that in many wedding parties* & took pictures with friends & the newlywed. It was short, only an hour & then we went home *we took the same cab back & forth. We asked the driver to wait :p*

Have a SaMaWa marriege to Dini & Fachrul. May Allah SWT always bless your family with a simple unforgettable happiness, aamiin... ^^


PS: Oh yeah, I was wearing my Mom's dress! Hahaha.. You think I would spend money for a pink dress? Yea rite. Eat me! :)) [Purple Cerruti Chiffon pashmina by @ZirraaOlshop]


Presents ^^

[Daily style] Yellow Monday!

Yellow Monday, Salam 'alaikum ^^

So, after watching Italy VS England last nite & after praying Subuh, I got the chance to steal an hour time to sleep *I'm soo lazy, zzzzz*. I know I shouldn't go back to sleep again & I should directly went to shower & getting ready to work. Yet, I still laid my head on my cozy pillow & got back to sleep. In return for this laziness, I got a really bad dream --"

I dream that there were two choppers having a bad crash right in front of my workspace window, which is located in the 36th Floor of Bakrie Tower.

FYI, the Soemantri Brodjonegoro field is often used for a chopper landing. And the field is located right across my workspace side. So there in my dream, the two choppers wanted to do the landing in the same field, yet they couldn't control the choppers so they collided. It was, well... an absolute horror. I must admit to you that I'd prefer to travel by a bus / a train rather than a plane and its habitat. I woke up with a horror face, I felt a bit too awkward to continue my useless fear like a paranoiac in between the happy moment I felt upon Italy's full glory couple hours before :-|

I was such an easy-to-sleep bitch. I can easily fall asleep in all situation as long as it supports me to do so. I even ever fell asleep inside a Trans Jakarta bus, STANDING. Yes. Standing. How pathetic I am? Hahaha...

Anyway... The dream succeeded in waking me up w/o any difficulty. Meh! I'm weird --"



Pashmina: Unbranded. Sleeveless cardigan: Zara. Shoes: The Little Things She Needs

[Daily style] Daring red

Salam 'alaikum beautiful people ^^

I'm sooo happy today because my fave national team Italy achieved a full glory when facing England at the quarter-final Euro Cup 2012 last night. It was wow, a very great match! Italy almost got the score 1 - 0 before the referee said it was offside. So Italy got the glory from the Penalty Shootouts. 4 - 2 was the score. Now I wish they can have the maximum preparation to face German in semifinal :)

And when talking about football is never enough for me. I'm so addicted to it. Well, it's a nice curse anyway ^^

Have a nice Monday all


PS: Red Cerruti Chiffon pashmina is from @ZirraaOlshop

Sunday, June 24, 2012

[Daily style] Kesambet!

Salam 'alaikum!

This is my "kesambet" moment, hihihihi... 

I seldom wear anything pinkish! I didn't even like pink color *at first*. Still not prefer to wear it now, though. But I think pink is now sort-of acceptable for me, but I'd be very picky to choose the best "pink" for me to wear on.

And this is definitely acceptable. At least for me :P


PS: Butterfly pashmina is from @ZirraaOlshop

[Daily Style] Little dots

 Salam 'alaikum blog readers! ^^



You know what? I think I really should loose some weight. If I wear black, it wouldn't be a matter. But if I wear white, then yes... The truth was finally revealed. I'm HUGE!! I mean... I haven't get my normal weight since my first delivery. I still need to loose 5 - 10 more kilos to be able to keep my body healthy & curvy.. NOT SKINNY. I hate being too skinny.

When I wore this dotting white hijab, I felt it. My cheeks looked super chubby! Yaiks! I couldn't stand seeing my face in front of the mirror to see those melon-like cheeks!

I hope the upcoming Ramadhan month can help me throw some useless fat. I hope. I really should erase my fave tagline, "Diet always starts tomorrow!" It's not good. It is not. It is >____<


PS: Pashmina from @ZirraaOlshop