Monday, June 25, 2012

[Daily style] Yellow Monday!

Yellow Monday, Salam 'alaikum ^^

So, after watching Italy VS England last nite & after praying Subuh, I got the chance to steal an hour time to sleep *I'm soo lazy, zzzzz*. I know I shouldn't go back to sleep again & I should directly went to shower & getting ready to work. Yet, I still laid my head on my cozy pillow & got back to sleep. In return for this laziness, I got a really bad dream --"

I dream that there were two choppers having a bad crash right in front of my workspace window, which is located in the 36th Floor of Bakrie Tower.

FYI, the Soemantri Brodjonegoro field is often used for a chopper landing. And the field is located right across my workspace side. So there in my dream, the two choppers wanted to do the landing in the same field, yet they couldn't control the choppers so they collided. It was, well... an absolute horror. I must admit to you that I'd prefer to travel by a bus / a train rather than a plane and its habitat. I woke up with a horror face, I felt a bit too awkward to continue my useless fear like a paranoiac in between the happy moment I felt upon Italy's full glory couple hours before :-|

I was such an easy-to-sleep bitch. I can easily fall asleep in all situation as long as it supports me to do so. I even ever fell asleep inside a Trans Jakarta bus, STANDING. Yes. Standing. How pathetic I am? Hahaha...

Anyway... The dream succeeded in waking me up w/o any difficulty. Meh! I'm weird --"



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