Monday, June 25, 2012

[Daily style] Daring red

Salam 'alaikum beautiful people ^^

I'm sooo happy today because my fave national team Italy achieved a full glory when facing England at the quarter-final Euro Cup 2012 last night. It was wow, a very great match! Italy almost got the score 1 - 0 before the referee said it was offside. So Italy got the glory from the Penalty Shootouts. 4 - 2 was the score. Now I wish they can have the maximum preparation to face German in semifinal :)

And when talking about football is never enough for me. I'm so addicted to it. Well, it's a nice curse anyway ^^

Have a nice Monday all


PS: Red Cerruti Chiffon pashmina is from @ZirraaOlshop

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