Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[Poetry] A dry cracky hope

You are the mannequin of whom people love to stare
As dashing as one wishes to be
As dreamy as one can’t be
You get all people’s second glimpse
Once is never enough
Yet twice will be a bit too much

This craving from underneath
Screaming in hissing whispers
Crawling upon my naked desire
Shoving to the bleeding surface

Can’t you see this?

Mind me,
I’m checking the cold feet
While pressing the almost-jammed Pause button
This is a wait-worthy, thee…
Supposed to be, most likely

Mind you,
I set my bets already
Twice bigger. Half expected. Risking to its fullest
Ready to fool my fate to the lowest

Can’t you hear me?

It’s just like contouring shades of vanishing shadows
In the last needless effort of me, clearing the smokes
Then I stumble upon a dead-end
Only to bewail a happy ending for nobody

And when I look around, there I see

No one beside me

No one besides me.


Pic from here.


Diok Moelbert said...

nice.. U write this?

Iwed Goddess said...

Thanks so much ^^ Yes, it's originally my writing

Diok Moelbert said...

U're talented.. Keep it up.. :-)

Iwed Goddess said...

Alhamdulillah... Thank you sist ^^