Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hopeless soul

He's skulking out for the sun to rise, sitting down the aisle with a cigarette in his right hand and a black rose in the other hand. His eyes are never to rest, his mind is never to gratify and his heart is never to cease, until he finds the veritable mean of forfeiting. He tries to see everything beyond some logical reasons so he can obtain a new mindset of his own about how things can ensued him. A blackening core – deep inside him – has been wounded badly. He had trying to find a blaming so he could claim it as somebody else’s defection. He can’t stand seeing his own reflection when he yelled at the mirror, asking about whom to blame for his own tricky mean game.

And now he tries to find the justification to what he has done, when he finally recognized how many preys have falling down caused by his crave upon a black pearl. He finally wins it… A black pearl, which actually can never be owned. And his winning has to be paid by the loss of a red diamond. It slipped out from his hands, down running with the sunset.

The sunset that he can only see from the distance…

The hopeless soul is firing down his cigarette with blood tears streaming down, counting days until his doom comes.

He loses…

- g -

Sleepyhead walkin the dawn..

Red full moon....

Saw things upside-down

An hour phone-talk in the nite

Severe headache

In the midlle of nowhere in the darkness

Bizzare emotional condition

Hardly asleep

Tired mind

Sleepyhead walkin in the dawn...

See things in obscurity

Missing my mom badly that it hurts me folly

Hhhh.... I had a diluting morning

I need a hug

- g -