Friday, October 09, 2009

Arch Enemy Concert in Jakarta, Oct 28!!

The event called "We Keep Metal Alive" was done last Sunday. Finally Solucite judges have made their decision of which band will be the opening act for Arch Enemy concert here in Jakarta on October 28.

Besides Psycroptic, a technical death metal band from Hobart, Australia, Melody Maker is the lucky band from Indonesia who will be the opening act. After getting through a tough selection on the event "We Keep Metal Alive" with 15 selective bands, MM won the chance.

For the complete info, please go to SMA (Solucite Metal Army) website to know about the ticket price for AE's concert.

What surprises me is this; one of my friend from the media gives me trust to interview Arch Enemy face to face!!! It is my first challenge to interview a band, a metal band. Oh I am so can't wait to meet Angela Gossow, man! She RULES.. big time! And now I am preparing to make a draft of question-list for the content. I am now waiting for the delivery of their newest album called "The Root of All Evil". I have not listen to it yet, I hope it can help me in preparing questions for the interview. Du-uh, I start to feel nervous now... hohohoho... I hope everything will go well and I don't have to be a sudden stammer and muted person that day, lol

~ G ~


tre said...

did the interview went well?

i just went to the show yesterday :D

goddess said...

I was canceled to do the interview with them and was replaced by my friend due to the work I could not leave (what a shit, lol). It's okay, though :p

How was the concert?

Oh btw sorry for the late reply, have not been around in Blogger for quite a time :)