Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Fashion] Between the old city & the Hijab Hunt contest

Salam 'alaikum dearest readers,


Taqoballahu minna wa minkum, taqoballahu yaa kareem!

Sad & happy! Those words are prolly the best words to represent my feeling today. Sad. Because I have to say g'bye with Ramadhan month (Ya Allah, I hope I still can taste the joyous Ramadhan next month, Aamiin...). Happy. Because finally Iedul Fitri has finally here. Pray to Allah that He is willing to accept all of our ibadah for the whole year (not only in Ramadhan month) & forgive all of our sins.

And I would like to ask for a sincere apology for you all, known or unknown... For I have sinned. Maafin gue yaaaa.... *kisses & hugs*

Anyway the pics below are belated pics that I took on August 11 in Kota Tua. There's this place in which people would consider spooky - yet I think that place is swaaagg! So my husband wanted to sharpen his photography skill, and I wanted to participate in Hijab Hunt by Dian Pelangi. So there... He needed a model, I needed a photographer. What a real mutual relationship we have isn't it? LOL

Hijab: From Mecca. The Agonist tees & gothic lace skirt: Rismakill. Accessories: Unbranded. Boots: Rinsdark

Speaking about Hijab Hunt, I really need your help, ladies. Please go to this link and please give comment & rate for my post. The rate is on the right-side, around the top of the page. And to give them you need to register in the forum. Pleeease gimme your favor will ya? Actually this is the first time I ever participated in this kind of contest. At first I didn't feel confident, but then again I thought "why don't I give a try?" (Since I discreetly have passion in modelling & fashion :p)

And for all the participants I wish you beautiful girls good luck! I hope we can be real friends ;)

Barakallahu fiik... Happy Lebaran once more & remember, do not torture your tummy to work the food out too much, okay? :D



merah bata said...

thanks for the inspiration, been looking for hijab goth ideas....cheers

Iwed Goddess said...

@Merah Bata:
You're most welcome. Hope it's useful ;)