Thursday, August 23, 2012

[Fashion] Still under the rain of blessings

Salam 'alaikum,

How's your holiday so far, peeps? I hope everything went well & smooth, yes? ;)

I'm about to post some of my holiday pics but I need to sort them out first, bcoz they're too many [heheh...]. So I think I'll post these pics first. My outfit for Lebaran.

I didn't wear any particular outfit for the first day, because I didn't go to a Masjid (Sorry I won't say Masjid as "Mosque" out of my respect) to have an Ied Pray. I had my period that day.

These are the pics from the H+1 to H+3 when we went to Bandung. Enjoy ;)


August 20. Just arrived at Bandung :)

Pashmina: @ZirraaOlshop. Dress & Earrings from Outlets in Plaza Festival. Inner: A present 

No make up on. My mom likes to call me "Oshin", LOL

August 21st. After having dinner with family

Pashmina: Rabbani. Top: Jenahara. Trousers: DP. Necklace: Unbranded. Wedges: TLTSN

August 22nd. After having mie ayam baso as a breakfast, LOL

Pashmina: Zirraa. Turtle neck: Unbranded. The Agonist tees: Rismakill. Accessories: Random outlets. Pants: Cardinal. Flat shoes: Vincci

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