Monday, August 06, 2012

[Event] @dianpelangi & @jenahara 's fashion show

Salam 'alaikum cool hijabis ^^

Another belated post actually, hehehe... Pardon.

Below are some pics that I took on July 27th in a bazaar held at Epicentrum Walk. In the afternoon there was a fashion show that presented two notorious muslimah designers; Jenahara & Dian Pelangi. I missed the Jehan show [Fooled myself coz of that. I'm one of her designing fans], but Alhamdulillah I didn't miss the DP show.

I could sharpening my photography skill thanks to this event ^^


With the Miss Gypsy, LOL

At @Jenahara booth
She's one of my fave designers ;)

Dian Pelangi's fashion show


Jehan's closet

Meet my old friend from campus, @bayinurhayati. She's the marketing & promotion for Jenahara. A daughter of Alm. Benyamin Sueb


Nana Radhiana said...

i love jenahara too kak :D

Iwed Goddess said...

*toss* ;)