Monday, August 06, 2012

[ITJ] Kajian #IndonesiaTanpaJIL & YISC Al-Azhar.

Salam 'alaikum Islam fighters!

Yaay! #IndonesiaTanpaJIL keeps on mooving! Now we're heading to educating movement. Every coordinator from each ITJ Chapter in each city has presented amazing jobs, events, studies & many more, including the center city of this movement; jak.ART.a!

On July 28th, ITJ Jakarta Chapter with YISC Al-Azhar held a study about Liberalism, Secularism & Pluralism. We brought @hafidz_ary & @ridyasmara. Supported also with @fauzibaadilla & @ALakaUCAY. The attendees there were so excited & full-spirited to follow this study. We hope there will be more youth & rising generation who are aware about JIL along with its decaying agenda toward Islam. We hope more people will come & join us, say NO to the commonness, moreover the commonness about our own religion. Our own allies & enemies.

We ain't gonna stop here now. We still alive, safe and sound. Salam #IndonesiaTanpaJIL


@faldydlaf & @Gatz_Raditya



@zapra_vespa & Gatz


Hafidz, @ALakaUCAY, @ridyasmara & Bang Oji

Bang Oji, tampang loe serem amat >____<

Disini Bang Oji udah getol bgt pengen jawab, LOLs

@Gatz_Raditya 's son. Soo cute ^^

Kasian, cape ya sayang yang lagi puasa?

Me with Gatz's lil family ^^

ITJ's backdrop

Us inside the ITJ's backdrop [JakCloth Summer Fest]

Gatoooot! --"

Hadeeh... *speechless*

Jomblo ngambang part. 2 :'))

ITJ video shoot, part ikhwan

ITJ video shoot, part akhwat

Kembar ngga mirip

We're FPI!! [Front Pembenci Inter]


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