Saturday, June 06, 2009

Show off bitch!

Shit. I’m sick of dealing with this kind of person. A person of a million. A person who sells her dignity [NOT!] and faith [certainly ILLUSIONABLE!] to make some false perceptions over everybody else only in order to make herself looks cooler and better than the one she got mess with.

Shoot. I’m fed up dealing with this kind of creature. A person who isn’t able to sort out list of priority from the most essential one until the last one I call “rubbish”, yet she does most of things out from rubbish. Or maybe she is rubbish? Well, the hell with that. Someone has actually loved her fortunately. She has savior, or maybe she calls him another victim of her rubbish head mind.

Freak. She’s definitely one of them. Out to the world being someone whom people think she‘s a so-call experienced person. Out of the false opinion too, she proudly thinks my experience in life is next to none. And there she goes, dancing dirtily around dumb people telling what is good and bad, telling what to do and not. Telling she’s the one and I am the last. Her bouncing lips go down and dirty with her bouncing tits, go down until her bouncing ass. But yes, ha-ha... another person had already raping down all of ‘em, didn’t he?

Fuck. Just fuck yourself off from my face, will ya? You’re just one in a million, really. It’s hurting me to tell you this. But what else could truth offer besides biting reality? Better think I’m your reality, coz I bite. And I bite only for reminding. Once you walk over my head, I’m the one who will make you lose that thing off your body. Coz I’m a killer indeed.

And you, you know no shit about it coz of your business selling your pride over and over. Chill, relax and step back. Watch out, I have poisoned fangs and my knife is sharp.

You show off bitch!

Pic by; Iwed [You can be a bitch. But a show off bitch deserves HELL !!]

~ G ~

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