Monday, May 15, 2006

BRaiN daMagE..

This week will be a never ending suffer...there are so much tasks & tests that i have to deal with. start with this day, at 12 i have to meet Dian to do our first task. and then in the noon i have a meeting with 5 friends to do our task.
Tomorrow..hmm,i have presentation that night..followed by another task that has to be submitted a week ahead.
on Wednesday, i have TWO tasks about STATISTIC that have to be submitted (Look!!How come we - a public relations - has to study stat??)
Thursday, i have 1 chapter to review.. ( as usual)
Friday...a test about cadet & judicative (aaarrrgghhh!!!)
Saturday&sunday..thank God they're two days off!!!
Monday again...FINAL TEST!!! Huhuhuhu...poor me :(


Anonymous said...

bagus juga terlampir semua perwakilan pribadi mendekati segala pengalaman hidup dan bekas pengalamaman tergores semue tapi kenal dekat kali baru bisa faham , ya non.

Goddess said...

Hehehe..Yup!Anda betul sekali